December 16, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Gigabot update
    • Electrical upgrade?
  • Area wardens
    • They can start organizing things for the mini open house!
  • Lan party guy - Last time this will be mentioned
  • Secretary election
    • Nominees: Dustin
    • Nominees: Brandon
  • Kitchen lights
  • RFID finally up to date

New business

  • Laser cutter minute purchases fix
  • Extra bigass laser! Maybe?
  • Bill is Selling Laser
  • This week in wiki!
  • Big CNC update
  • No meeting the next two weeks.
  • New Event with Popup Cincy
  • Jim's brother's girlfriend is able to source us poly-styrene for cheap!
  • Who Stole Dustin's Knobs?
  • Coy is donating/selling some kind of lathe.


  • Hayden - Jim's Roomate
  • Jordan - electric die
  • Franklin - busy, new smartphone
  • Ryan - melted first Arduino! home automation, ducking Bill (he still sees you)
  • Jon - counting votes
  • Jim S - playing with topological automation
  • Katie - worked!
  • Ivan - Gigabot!
  • Joseph - watched a lot of "How It's Made". Microcontrollers that run Javascript? Why?
  • John - printing 3d ornaments
  • Craig - Made 3d ornament
  • Jason - too many hugs
  • Kirk - moped convention. the coolest thing ever
  • Bill - bought a Deathstar laser. Deathstar to come.
  • Julien - found breakout board to better improve Shapeoko
  • Dustin (Doug, aka Kyle) - Rasperry Pi
  • Brandon - jobbed better
  • Coy - figured out 3d printing stuff
  • Hodapp - caught herpes. and AIDS. really every STD.
  • Dave - out of town for the Holidays
  • Bill (Guest) - restoring HAM radios
  • Charles - got back from vacation. fixed a production outage while drunk
  • Jessica (Guest) - made soup
  • Elly - wrote down ideas for area warden crap
  • Brad - entering volunteer information from a convention
  • Ian B - working a lot. brainstorming. science!
  • Tom - Made a new silverware organizer for apartment!
  • also this guys' name
  • Ken - checkup on powertool. bought secret parts
  • Kevin - working!


  • Welding Table
    • Unsure about options. Still researching. Talking to Dave about buying the table he's selling.
  • Gigabot
    • Installed new parts (thermister, heating element). Waiting on new firmware update.
    • Still need to figure out where to run new power drops.
    • At least one near the cnc area, one in the dirty room for plasma cutter, etc.
  • Area Wardens
  • LAN Party - ???
  • Kitchen Lights
    • No updates
    • Jordan will take over this if it isn't done by the first of the year
  • Event with Popup
    • One day commitment, just show up. No other action required. Really great networking opportunity with designers, architects, other creative types.
    • Planned to occur Saturday January 21st, 2015 in Avondale. More information to follow. Stay tuned!
    • Allowed to display Hive projects! Woo!
  • Bill is Selling His old laser cutter!
    • 2ftx3ft 65W laser
    • $3500
    • There are other options that will be more of a hassle to purchase.
  • Jon also got a quote from wk laser for a 1.5mx1.2m (~4ftx5ft) laser cutter
    • 60W is $4050 not including extra stuff we would need
    • 80W is $4200
    • 100W is $4400
    • 150W is $4800
    • extras we would need:
    • auto z axis: $350
    • sighting laser: $100
    • possibly a chiller: $400
    • USB control: $100
    • shipping and customs will probably be ~$2000 (This is the biggest variable)
    • Total for 60W will probably be around $7000
    • Total for 100W will probably be around $7350
    • Total for 150W will probably be around $7750
  • This Week In Wiki!
    • Updates to Welding Page and Wishlist.
    • Area Wardens would be great candidates to edit the pages! They should also be current on the wishlist to check for things in their area.
  • BIG Cnc Update
    • Coy stopped by the shop that's milling us the plates for our CNC. Will be done shortly.
  • Power Series
    • Wrapped up this year! Will be coming back next year bigger and stronger.
  • Laser Minutes!
    • fixed, was broken. not broken now.