December 17, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Security camera setup
  • T-shirts--design was sent out to list, email Ian if you want one
  • Table Saw Search

New Business

  • No meeting next week (Christmas Eve!)


  • Mike (secretary)--looking more into DIYbio workshop
  • Hodapp (m)--fermenting radishes
  • Hutch (m)--working on making 2 stepper motors work together
  • Nancy--(m)--was internet "fasting"
  • Brad--new member--making magnetic pulsar
  • Jason--(m)--roleplaying games
  • Andy--guest, greenhouse designer, visiting the hive
  • Brandon AKA Shadoxx (m)--bought a domain, and setting up website
  • Jordan (m)--dealing with pre-holiday stuff
  • Craig--Board member--has been developing google glass, playing with bitcoins
  • Bill (m)--replaced a cadillac transmission on the side of the interstate
  • Dave (m)--installed car radio system
  • John--(m)--working on woodworking safety
  • Joe (m)--2nd week here as a guest, been fixing javascript
  • Ryan (m)--continuing sourcing parts for CNC router
  • Coy (m)--creating VMs and webservers
  • Jon (m, COO)--helped run camera wiring
  • Ian (el presidente)--wired some security cameras and more


Updates on table saw search?

  • John--Indianapolis table saw on Craigslist seems like a good buy, some other craigslist sellers have not responded.
    • It's up on the wiki if you want to see specs.
    • Table saw was $850.
  • Some discussion of table saws followed
  • Clarified that Sawstop is a certain brand of saw, with nice safety features (stops itself when it encounters finger)
    • Ian talked to Sawstop--they will probably give us a discount as a nonprofit.
    • Ian will contact them to find out how much
    • Ryan--used Sawstops are hard to find
    • Sawstops come at a price premium , probably $4K plus. Significantly more than the proposed $1K table saw budget.
    • Jason showed a sawstop video.

More Discussion of Sawstop followed.

  • How sensitive is it? Will it cut wet wood? etc
  • Ian--there is no savings in insurance with the SawStop.
  • Jon--Safety is great, but also consider that we could get a nicer saw in all other respects for a lower price.
  • Dave--Shop tool committee should have more clear directions. What is the price point?
  • Ian--if you want to be on the Shop Tool Committee Email List, please sign on! [1]

Discussion was ended, with more discussion by interested individuals after meeting.


Mike: DIYBio

  • Recap--Mike is interested in setting up a DIYbio workshop, using Genomikon kit to let participants engineer a colorful bacteria
  • This would probably be ~$500 to set up. $30 per parcicipant. Are enough people interested to make up the cost?
    • Just a few people raised hands.
  • Dave--more explanation of what this is/the purpose would be helpful
  • Mike would like to do a January "2nd Tuesday" talk on this subject

Other Business:

  • No meeting next week--Xmas Eve
  • Ian--more camera cables were run this week, there will be more camera setup Friday evening if u want to help
  • Ian--hive shaped cookie press is in progress
  • T-shirts--check your mail, send a message to ian if you want one. He will send you the online order site.
  • Joe--is the hive still looking for a spindle sander?
    • Yes! We may end up buying it.
  • Andy--has a wood lathe but no room to set it up, may set it up at the Hive.