December 20, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
    • General announcement - Just to reiterate, we had some complaints about music volume last week. This has been discussed with the responsible parties.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • Yet another CNC class occurred on Saturday
  • The mills for said CNC class have appeared. See an officer if you are owed an end mill.
  • Carbide inserts for thread cutting class have also arrived. See Brad if you are owed a cutter.

New Business


  • One year lease for additional space. $3000 commitment.


Old Business

  • Noise curfew
    • Been getting a little loud recently
    • If my teeth vibrate from the music, it's too fucking loud!
  • Another CNC class
    • Been some new people attending the class
    • Mills. Get your mills.
  • See Brad for your thread cutter if you've taken the thread-cutting class.

New Business

  • Vote for the Benchtop DMM
    • Not voting tonight
    • $220
    • Going to be Jan 3.
    • It's a buyer's market.
  • Dust collection adventure
    • Fine filter full
    • Took out like 25 gal. of dust
    • Check the fucking filter
    • Manometer idea
  • We're going to discuss what to do with the new space in the next month


  • Surfacing bit
    • $220, cutter and blades
    • Used for re-surfacing the spoil board
    • Members buy own blades for other stuff
    • 5 Abstain, 0 No, 10 Yes
  • Next door
    • $250/month for a year ($3000 total)
    • 1 Abstain, 0 No, 12 Yes

Round Tuit

  • Greg - Things!
  • Ryan - is an idiot, car into body shop, cops found the shitbag who broke into his car, skating home from Toledo
  • Karensa - not much, got second estimate on car
  • Brad - lathe, mill, CNC piddling, Fallout 4, had son make shit, chasing down multimeters
  • Steve - Zoneminder (camera software)
  • Miles - working on kitchen, welding
  • Loren - cleaning up home, reflow toaster
  • Jim - travelling, see him if the Hive owes you money, toying around with next woodworking project, thinking of proposing a blot storage bin
  • Alex - nine-car fender bender
  • James - travelling, kids take up free time, trying to get to Colorado, looking at reviving Hive 3D delta printers
  • John 2.0 - CNC class, got certified, Tim is great to have around
  • Will - repairing a bench grinder, cut holes in bathroom floor
  • Dave Lear - Christmas stuff and old cars
  • Kayleigh - cut stuff for boxes, not much else
  • Elly - Christmas cards, can't cut foiled paper on the laser, tired of Etsy shop