December 3, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Hive Thanksgiving was super awesome.
  • Space Rehab
    • Electrical
      • Ran 50 amp drop, don't lick it. 3 other drops are also in place
    • Security Cameras--They are purchased
      • Ian--Likely will be running wire/setting up this Sunday, helpers wanted!
      • Fun is mandatory.
    • Roof leaks
      • Jon has called Garden Street, will hopefully get the roof looked at Friday...has the right # to call
  • T-shirts
    • Ian will resend email

New Business

  • Game Day this saturday (Jason)--as long as we don't get snowed out.
  • Ian--Dave has mentioned a microscope at the Hive will be nice. Jon--I will bring mine back
  • Jon--looking for cheap power racks. Dave B and Brandon may have leads.
  • Dave B--placing an electronics order, contact if you want add on and save shipping cost


  • Jason
  • Chris Hodapp
  • Jon (worked on CNC mill)
  • Paul--trimmed Xmas tree with coping saw
  • Ian--Made a lot of food last week. Need volunteers for wiring video cameras
  • Matt
  • Alex
  • Ryan
  • Hutch--new puppy
  • Tye Scott (m)--working with rasp pie
  • Bill(m)
  • Dave B (CTO)--setting up new media machine in the lounge
  • Joseph--might become a member! learned Ruby on rails.
  • John--working on intro to woodshop
  • Jason--assembly 12-sided die table base
  • Charles--weatherproofing house
  • Brad--developer, moved from seattle, working on IRC bot.
  • Dave(m)--brewed a beer
  • Jordan--many calories, planning phone hack
  • Nancy(m)--finished denim rag rug, starting punch rug
  • Nanny(?)--guest, worked on resume
  • Brandon AKA Shadoxx--demonstrated LED
  • Ella (guest)--Dave B's daughter
  • Tiffany--worked on research article


See old and new business