December 8, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • Dave
  • Craig
  • Ed
  • ChrisA
  • Paul
  • Thurman
  • cjdavis
  • PlayerTwo
  • foxydot
  • Avishaan


Profit Points - Craig

  • will be ordering the digital soldering tomorrow
  • the "General Savings" item is for 3 mo. rent


  • we have a ton of change
  • Craig will take it to coinstar and get gift cards
  • get from or Lowes or something
  • maybe we could have an amazon wishlist?

Arcade night - Craig

  • probably 20th - a Sunday
  • do general arcade stuff, MAME, vintage video games, etc

Non-profit org needs help - Chris

  • looking for help with technology projects
  • susan angel
  • program for returning convicts
  • make things out of trash, etc
  • maybe we do web dev stuff for them
  • it is called "fuel"
  • maybe help them with a wiki
  • need to find out where they are hosted
  • they might have a grant to put people to work

xmas party? - foxydot

  • should we still even do this?
  • everyone is pretty busy
  • watch a movie or something?
  • let's just do it ad hoc

laser graffiti

  • would be good to get a better camera and laser
  • maybe friday do some outdoor testing?
  • we should plan a time to go show it off somewhere
  • avishaan can control the weather

Next Actions