December 8, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • Noise Curfew
    • Liability waiver legibility
  • Hive tool tour
    • Mill update
    • CNC update
    • Laser update
  • Space next door
  • Air Filter


Old Business

  • Housekeeping
    • Clear work surfaces
    • Noise curfew - midnight to 8am
    • Make sure liability waivers are legible please
  • Hive tool tour
    • Nothing on mill
    • CNC update - Spindle is now broken. Do not touch tools if you don't have permission to use them. Auto z touch plate is now working!
    • Laser update - there are now two separate launchers for easy cut. One for the big laser and one for the small laser.
  • Space next door
    • Landlord got back to us they want $250/mo. Utilities included.
    • The current idea is to turn that area that in to a combined meeting area/lounge and have some quiet rentable workbenches.
    • That frees up the current meeting area and lounge for other uses. (maybe dedicated sewing area?)
    • Vote email will go out today

New Business

  • Kirk is going to finish securing metal storage rack to wall in dirty room.
  • Plasma cutter is down.
    • Some internals of the handle/gun need replacement. Will probably be about $150.
    • There is a small debate about whether it is worth it to just buy a new, more powerful, smaller unit for like $500, or pay to fix this one.
  • Kirk is going to get posts out about the welding class.
  • Brad wants to do a class on knee mill soon.
  • As usual we take a break from meetings during late december.
    • There will be no meeting December the 29th.
  • First aid kits
    • Stuff has been ordered! Woohoo safety!
  • Laser cutter lid struts
    • Linear actuator would be a good idea. Just make it so it isn't physically attached to the lid so you can still open it quickly in case of emergency.


  • Ryan -
  • Michael - Pens
  • Courtney - Michael's wife, checking the space out
  • Dustin - Something
  • Will - Selling drugs (pharmaceutical)
  • Kevin - Hasn't had time to come down to the hive in a while. Needs a bench vice to replace one that got stolen.
  • Kirk - Fixing lots of stuff around the house
  • Andrew - Needs to figure out what electronics to get for his 3d printer
  • Dave Lear - Has been out of town the last week
  • John S - Finished a dining room table, needs to finish chairs
  • Joe S - Updated the wiki page for his ghost voice
  • Greg - New lounge area warden
  • John (bludwulf) - Buying more wood, making lots of sawdust.
  • Coy - Working on the CNC, trying to finish up four of his wooden safes.
  • Brad - CNC area warden, was in Germany for the last week.
  • Elly - Has had a lot of orders on Etsy!
  • Bill - Worked on a few new 3d printer concepts.
  • Jon - Very frustrated with the CNC
  • Franklin - Bought some accessories for his phone.
  • Curtis - Hasn't done anything that would fit here.