December 9, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Minecraft Server Update
  • Gigabot update
  • Openhouse Status
  • Board Meeting Update
  • Area warden update
  • Hive13 @ Popup Cincy recap
  • Reshape Competition (
  • Lan party guy - Anyone contact him?

New business

  • Brandon/Shadoxx resigned monday. Taking nominations for secretary.
  • Laser cutter minutes
  • member storage boxes
  • This week in wiki!
  • Big CNC update


  • Valerie - Got her 3d printer working, but broke! She's 3d printing a new gear for it.
  • Nancy - Christmas present, sewing, got a space pen for her birthday.
  • Brad - went home for thanksgiving (he hasn't been here in a few weeks) and worked on a costume. Was also at the furry convention in Chicago that had a chlorine attack!
  • John Sikorski - printing 3d ornaments
  • Joseph Sikorski - Was also at the furry convention.
  • Julien - Working on christmas presents to take back to France
  • James - Messed up a stair case tread, finishing up christmas boxes for his kids.
  • Coy - Has been working on cnc stuff lots.
  • Hodapp - studied obscure functional programming crap and made lots of tea.
  • Bill - Went to a bunch of air force bases, got his first SLA printer working.
  • Ivan - Got intimate with horses
  • Jason - Shell scripts
  • Peter - personal projects around the house
  • Katie - Solar analysis on some building designs
  • Elly - Finishing a stick project (coat rack) and making christmas presents
  • Josh - In the Navy, goes to UC for biochemistry
  • Jacob - Another UC student, second year EE. Lots of programming and working on his own 3d printer.
  • Josh - Finished desk and became a member!
  • Ryan - Little memory of last week.
  • Dave Leer - Christmas shopping and electrical stuff at home
  • Charlie - Worked all week
  • Jim S - Too many projects, needs someone with a Student email
  • Jon - Finals, solar cells
  • Jordan - soldered transistors, desolder transistors, rotated transistors 180 degrees, resoldered transistors.
  • Dustin - Not much!


  • Welding table
    • No update
  • Minecraft server
    • No update
  • Gigabot
    • Ivan ordered two separate things, electronics are in, heated build plate is not.
    • Did vote for extra electronics go through?
  • Open House
    • Shadoxx can't be at the hive any more so someone else needs to take over.
    • Jim Shealy will make sure area wardens clean up and will use this to host a small scale open house.
    • Open House February
  • Board meeting update
    • Calmer than it has been since we have worked through the backlog of stuff in the last few meetings.
  • Area wardens
    • Every area has someone signed up besides electronics.
    • They will begin at the beginning of the year
  • Hive13 @ Popup cincy
    • Friday was the opening for "popup fairy tale"
    • Great turn out despite it raining outside
    • Displays will be up for a few more weeks on Ludlow ave near Clifton ave.
    • Popup cincy organizer intersted in collaborating more directly with the hive. Anyone who has ideas talk to Katie!
    • They are interested in the more digital side of things that the hive could help with.
  • Reshape competition (again)
    • Any date? Deadline will probably be in March or April (three or four months)
    • Submit a design that could be made in a well equipped fab lab. The winning design will be made and sold by fab labs and the designer gets royalties.
  • Lan party guy
    • Daniel not here
  • Shadoxx resigned as secretary
    • He's too busy! Needs to focus on other things.
    • Nominations until next tuesday meeting
    • We need 50% of members to vote for it to pass.
  • member storage boxes
  • Laser cutter minutes
    • Lots of people not paying for minutes.
    • Don't make Jon have to crack down on this.
    • James ran in to the issue that you can only buy 1 hr at a time. If you try more paypal will charge you, but you will not be credited. If you do this talk to Jon!
      • Someone needs to tell Jim that there may be an issue with paypal that James filed. We may get a fine if it is not responded to.
  • Dustin has been talking to Favorite Vapors on Ludlow ave about doing a modding class down here.
    • Anyone interested?
  • James wants advice on how to fix his stair tred mistake.
  • Electrical drops
    • Someone needs to find an electrican and figure out how much it will cost
  • Lights in the kitchen still need to be fixed
    • Ryan took over this :)
  • Big CNC Update
    • Coy sent off plates to be machined!
  • Laser cutter issue
    • Someting is going wrong with the configuration on the laser that is corrupting it.
    • Long term: If the laser electronics are dying we can buy new electronics for ~$500 from Light Objects.
    • We could also replace the electronics with rep rap electronics for cheaper, but it doesn't operate as well.
    • The pump died last week. Brandon replaced it. Thanks!