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Since Hive13 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization you can donate objects and cash and take a tax deduction for them.

Cash Donations

If you donate money this way you will need to give the money directly to a board member. Do not give money to any member of the group because they can not officially write a Donation Receipt out for the donation.

Online cash donations are probably the easiest method. You can use paypal to donate at the Donations page.

Material/Equipment Donations

Material and Equipment donations are also welcome but they will need to be approved by the COO. We do not want the Hive13 facility to be a junk repository. See Junk Rules for more information on junk build-up.

If a receipt is required for the donation then ensure you communicate this with one of the board members so that they can write you or your company out a receipt.

For a list of some of the items we would like donated, see Wishlist.