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Hive13 Project
Electric Shop Furnace
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 12/21/2009


I am going to be building an Electric Shop Furnace so I can start casting my own metals for various projects from scrap metals readily found on trash day.

Project Members

  • Ed (Project Leader)
  • Jim
  • Jon
  • Add your name to the list if you want to participate

Current Status

I have purchased all of the foundry construction items & only need to acquire the electric components. I want to see what we have lying around the space before I purchase anything.

There are several designs for these, both using gas & electricity. I opted for electric since it is quieter and safer. I don't play on melting steel or other metals that have a higher melting point. I have the plans that are described at Dan's Workshop. This design should allow us to work with softer metals like aluminum, copper & brass.



Chris brought in the coils last weekend so we have everything needed for the hardware. First we need to cut the fire brick, which requires me to bring in all my heavy power tools. Player2 has a box truck that he indicated we can use so it's just a matter of coordinating it with him. Hopefully we'll get them in this week and the cutting can begin.

We still need to get the electronics but those items do not need to be decided before we pour and make the furnace body.

Next Steps

  • Get materials to start build Crossed out items have been aquired
    • Heating element
    • 10 Firebricks (9" x 4½" x 2½")
    • 150lbs of Super Kastite 3000
    • 8" air duct, galvanized (4' long)
    • 2 Pairs of garage door handles (4 total handles, includes hardware)
    • 24” Galvanized water pipe, ½ ” NPT (Furnace Legs)
    • 1 Small roll of 18 guage galvanize wire (Base Reinforcement)
    • Box Sheet metal screws, 2” (Fasteners for terminal cover)
    • 2 Stainless steel screws, 3 ½ ” x 10-24 (Terminals)
    • 8 Screws, 1” x 10-24, zinc finish (Seam fasteners)
    • 12 Nuts, 10-24, zinc finish (Seam fasteners, Terminal nuts)
    • 4 Flat Washers, 10-24, zinc (Terminals)
    • 6 Carriage Bolts, 2” x ¼ ”-coarse thread (Leg hardware)
    • 6 Nuts, ¼ ”-coarse thread (Leg hardware)
    • 1 Sheet Metal 2” x 4” Stud (Terminal cover, control box)
    • high-temp flat-black barbeque paint
  • Electrical Items
    • 3” Round or octagon electrical plate cover (Vent Hole Lid)
    • 1 Infinite Range control (may need to purchase at appliance store)
    • Spade connectors for infinite range control
    • 10 feet of 12-2w/G heavy duty power cord, rubber coated
    • 1 Romex clamp, 5/8” or to fit above cord
    • 1 Plug, 240v, 20 amp
    • 1 Receptacle, 240v, 20 amp
    • 1 Breaker to fit your panel, 20 amp
    • Length of 10-2w/G Romex wire (to run wire to receptacle)

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