Emergent Repair Authorization Procedure

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Sometimes things break, and we need to spend money to fix them, but the expense may be greater than the warden budget can accommodate. This procedure provides a method for funding those repairs without requiring a full Purchase Vote.

This method of funding repairs should be used to restore capabilities in the event of equipment failures preventing normal usage of Hive13 facilities. It is not to be used for upgrades or improvements, those should be done via a purchase vote.


In the event of an equipment failure which requires a repair budget that exceeds the available Warden budget, the member leading the repair may submit a request for a repair budget to the Hive13 Leadership team (Directors and Officers).

The leadership team shall evaluate the priority of the repair and the current financial status of the hive. If sufficient discretionary funds are available (funds available for use that are not part of our financial reserve or already allocated to another approved budget), then a majority of the leadership team may approve a budget of up to $1000 per repair item. The vote to approve repair budgets may happen online or in-person, and need not be part of a meeting.

This procedure may not be used to approve a repair budget if discretionary funds are not available. Multiple emergent repair budgets may be approved simultaneously, provided funds are avaliable. In the event that a repair requires a greater budget than that which can be approved by this procedure, the remainder must be approved by an act of the board of directors at a board meeting, or may be approved via the Purchase Vote Procedure.

Once Emergent Repair Budget has been approved, all purchases and reimbursements shall be handled as described in the Purchase Vote Procedure.