Feb 12, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Hodapp RasberryPi presentation.

New Business

  • MakerFaire proposal from Jim
  • To take a vote of the membership for HIVE13 to be identified as the official host organization for the event
  • To form an event-specific steering committee consisting of Dave Menninger, Chris Davis, Jim Dallam, and others
  • Open an event-specific checking account at PNC bank as HIVE13 [501(c)3 status] with Jim Dallam and Chris Davis as authorized signers
  • Work with Jason to open and run a Kick-starter for seed donations to enable the event
  • Based on income into the account, disburse funds to execute the MAKE event license agreement
  • Based on income into the account, disburse funds to reserve the venue (Washington Park) for the day of the event (Oct. 12)
  • To contact other potential event sponsors and acquire additional sponsorship contributions
  • And other such actions as necessary to proceed with organizing and implementing the event


  • Jim
  • Drew (Guest)
  • Shadoxx
  • Jordan
  • Nancy (Guest)
  • Adam (Guest)
  • Vance (Guest)
  • Vance's (Guest)
  • Jason (Guest)
  • (Guest)
  • Hodapp (Guest)
  • Mike (Guest)
  • Meteo (?) (Guest)
  • Brent Shields
  • Barry (Guest)
  • Tifany
  • Ian Wilson
  • Craig
  • Matt Robins (Multi time guest)(Guest)
  • Jon Cairnes (Guest)
  • Patrick (Guest)
  • Bill Steele
  • Brian (Guest)
  • Mike w/ Tiff
  • Mike
  • Jason Vancleeve (Guest)
  • Vijay (Guest)
  • Shawn (Guest)
  • John Clark (Guest)
  • Joe (Guest)
  • (Guest)


  • Business from Jim see above
    • Looks like it passed.

Chris's Talk of Epic Proportions

  • There is a display over the door in the bathroom that is driven by a RasberryPi
    • The rasberryPi greatly simplified things.
  • Went over a list of links with some usefull information for working on projects
    • Low level ARM programming course
    • Low level configuration information
    • PWM Control software, PiBits
  • Other Distros
    • XBMC, OpenElec.tv
    • Android 4.0 (ICS, badly)
    • Debian, Slackware
    • Acorn, RISC OS
    • Plan 9
    • FreeBSD
  • ???
    • GPU is fast, twice as fast as iPhone 4s
    • Motorola Lapdock, they are cheap and have a battery, keyboard, mouse, and an LCD screen
    • COLO for RasberryPi for free
  • Code for Glass Block Display
  • GPU doing Ray Tracing
  • QA
    • Can it run a JVM
      • Yes, it can run Java
      • In the repositories, needs to be installed
    • How about logging in the GUI?
    • Can you overclock?
      • Yes, up to about 900 Mhz, sometimes more.
      • Supported up to 1 Ghz
    • Anyone have an active project w/ an RiPi
      • OpenFrameworks gui, Open CV
      • Vimeo demo videos
    • Can this be used for a Pac Man cabinet? Is there analog video out?
      • Yes, there is a MAME software build, and there is Composite video out, could get an adapter for the Video out
    • The glass block display, how are you controlling the LEDS?
      • We are using shiftbrite modules which you can control over a type of SPI, RPi has SPI in the kernel, but Shiftbrites do not use real SPI so it is being bitbanged.
    • PiFace
      • Module that has buffers the GPIO, couple of relays, $30-$35
    • GertBoard
      • PiFace w/ some additional stuff.
    • I got stuck writing the image to the SD card...
      • He is on Windows, did not bring his SD card (sadness)