February 10, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Gigabot Update
  • CNC Update
  • Power Series Update
  • Opening Day Parade
  • Board Meeting
  • New Mill

New business

  • Surplus Auction
  • EDS Grant
  • Improving Hive13 Safety Standards
  • Bylaws Updated
  • Planer Update
  • Hive13 Open House!


  • Gigabot Funding [Next Week]



  • Welding Table 3ft by 5ft
    • Here on Monday or Tuesday
  • Gigabot
    • Need to vote on purchasing from person who loaned it to us. Ivan M has negotiating power.
  • CNC Update
    • Moves and cuts! We are moving foward!
  • Power Series
    • Meeting tomorrow 7PM
  • Open Day Parade
    • Monday April 6th, considering entering Cincy Lou robot and Power Series racer.
    • Need people to drag heavy equipment down street.
    • Jim D has submitted the application, no guarantee that we'll get in, but we'll try!
  • EDS Grant
    • Someone has contacted us about a grant that partially funds us to buy a new Tormac machine for the space.
    • Proposal needs to be done by the end of March, Jim D is leading that effort.
  • Safety Standards @ Hive13
    • Chris Davis's sister might be able to help us make something more official.
  • News Tools For Space (lathe, new mill, laser)
    • Talked about during the board meeting, possibly about $4K for new lathe
    • Someone is wanting to donate a Mill (same from last week). Discussed more, need to assess cost of repair.
    • New Laser being considered, $8K all end
  • Structural Engineer
    • Would like someone to come in and give us an exact figure for the load bearing capacity of our floors so we can plan for new equipment accordingly
  • Surplus Auction
    • Dustin visited the auction last Saturday, they have a lot of stuff that we could use!
    • We have a faculty member that will be willing to scope out equipment for us in advance
  • Kinetic Structures Class
    • Katie is teaching a class at UC and needs volunteers to help teach soldering
  • Planer Update
    • It's been fixed and is in perfect working order!
  • Mercy Health Jobfair
    • Hiring around 100 positions, mostly Windows administration
  • Hive13 Open House
    • This Saturday, starting at 10AM. Come learn about welding and woodworking!
    • Nancy and Ian B will be doing a Lounge/Openhouse on Friday. Movies and snacks!