February 11, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Hive13


Old Business

  • CPS "Science Night"
  • Boone County library science session(s)
  • 2nd Tuesday Speakers
  • Space improvement

New Business

  • New pallet racks!
  • Table saw!
  • Lathe?
  • 3rd Saturday cleanup this week


  • Mike--made bacterial incubator
  • Chris--hosted Cinci2600
  • Tye--no news
  • Jim Sheely--getting CNC machine working, finishing battlebot for competition, and making robot arm.
  • Franklin--got some bluetooth "arduinos"
  • Hutch (m)--learning about embedded systems
  • Nancy--working on quilt rug, thinking about doing a class on making stuff from t-shirts
  • Jason--at least he's honest
  • James--new member, teaching a raspberry pi course soon and soldering parts
  • Josh--stopped in last week, visiting, making a computer desk
  • Nathan--visiting, was a member years ago
  • Eric--former member, has been traveling, working with sensors
  • Jordan--lots of naps
  • Jordan--visitor, friends with jordan 1.0
  • John--working on woodshop safety course.
  • Joseph--tweaking resume, picking up guitar again.
  • Arliss--new visitor
  • Ryan--been sick this week, got some work done on CNC router table and Gigabot stand
  • Coy-house repairs
  • Jon--worked on pallet racks
  • Kyle--visitor
  • Shadoxx


  • CPS Science sessions--Updates from Ian
    • 1st school will be on march 12. we only have 4 weeks of prep time!
    • probably will be 90 min event, on a schoolday, 6:30PM to 8PM-ish
    • volunteers will be teamed up with a parent of a child to run events in a classroom
    • K-6 grades
    • We talked about some ideas for specific science activities--discussion was opened up again.
      • Jon--silhouette paper cutters.
      • Ian--learn about how light works--concave, convex lenses, prisms, etc
      • Chris--teach how a computer works
      • Mike--make slime to take home
      • we should make a backdrop that's visually stimulating for kids.
      • Basic circuitry with interchangeable blocks
        • Shadoxx--conductive thread and EL strips?
      • Interested members will continue a planning discussion after general meeting
  • Boone County library--more future educational service for hive to do
    • Shadoxx--recently visited boon county library, talked with Krista (librarian who initially contacted us)
      • The work/conference area we have for this event is huge, bigger than Hive.
      • There is a stage as well
      • Library may be able to provide some $$
      • This is a teen audience,"edgier" stuff might be more fun.
    • Some discussion of possible things to do
      • Chris: history of computer hacking
      • contact the R2D2 builders?
  • Mike--2nd tuesday talks
    • we missed having one this month
    • We will probably have a robotics-related talk next month
    • Please tell Mike or Jim If you have something you can personally present, or have a suggestion for someone
    • Shadoxx--could put together a presentation on hacking windows.
  • Jon: multiple updates about Hive improvement
    • pallet racks: they are here, they need to be assembled, we will probably be underbudget
    • woodworking area is currently unusable.
    • Jon will be picking up a table saw tomorrow.
      • will need people here to help unload it.
    • Courtesy of James, we have a new air compressor that does not leek.
    • lathe: Jon is looking at buying a "real" metal lathe.
      • Likely $1500-2000
      • Jon will update us after looking into it more.
    • we might have a working kiln here soon, thanks to Hutch.
      • Nancy, James: is it food safe for pottery? answer: probably not food safe.
  • Ryan: this saturday is 3rd saturday Hive cleanup. Come and help!
  • Shout-out to Jim for working on Gigabot

[After-meeting discussion about our CPS outreach...we will focus on preparing 3 sessions: 1. how light works 2. simple circuits compontents embedded in blocks 3. plant biology with food-colored celery and DIY planters]