February 18, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Improvement
  • CPS Science Night

New Business

  • Table saw! (now in the space)
  • Fourth saturday cleanup


  • Mike
  • Chris Hodapp--changing jobs
  • Jason
  • Nancy--fiber art rug, recyling tshirts
  • Emily (m)--About to start cryptography on coursera.
  • Crhis (m)--hopefully will fix our google phone
  • Jason--waxed sleds
  • Jordan--cooked a lot of food
  • Coy--printed off 3d gear heart
  • Ian--saw us on the website
  • John--member--working on woodshop
  • Joseph (m)--minecraft
  • JR(m)--CNC
  • Nathan (new member)--non-invasive water meter
  • John--"project ADD"
  • Dave (m)--converted a plotter to do circuitboards
  • Jon--tried to declutter
  • Franklin (m)--decided to use KeyPass
  • Tye
  • Ryan--Saturday cleanup. try again this sat! also working on table saw.
  • Hutch--helped with table saw
  • Kristin--wants to join
  • Bill(m)--printed several things on gigabot. and worked on shelves
  • Jim Sheely---battlebots competition last weekend! working on CNC mill also.
  • Tiffany (m)--homebrewed 11 gallons of dunkel
  • Ian (m)--president--contributed to woodshop makeover, toured the munufactory.


  • Jon--we got a new table saw last wednesday
    • It is tuned up and fixed as of 20min ago
    • just about ready to use
    • pallet rack shelving is a bit further along
    • Woodshop is clearing up should be usable in next week

  • CPS service project--Ian will be talking to them tomorrow
    • Mike has some prototype sub-irrigated planters as one of the projects for kids.

  • Mike--2nd tuesday talks
    • We have talks scheduled for March and April
      • March=Carin, talking about hobby robotics with a PhantomX hexapod
      • April=Robert, DIY/Punk/Deathrock guy who organizes the "DIY Cincy Calender"
    • If you have a request for a talk or could do one yourself, let Mike and/or Jim Dallam know.

  • Manufactory: Ian, Jon, a few others visited it last week
    • They are a new "techshop-style" makerspace located in Sharonville
    • they have lots of nice industrial machinery
    • Their goals/mission do not really overlap with Hive's
      • They are catering more to professionals who know what they're doing already
      • more expensive
      • electronics is not really a focus.
    • they are open to a partnership with us:
      • hive members with expertise can come teach classes, and we would get manufactory access
      • all hive members, not just the ones teaching.
      • access probably limited to 4hrs at a time
      • areas for classes: metal safety, wood safety, laser safety, 3d printers.
    • Ian will probably be going there as guest March 21st, if you want to go check it out.

  • Hutch: possibility for Ham radio 2nd tuesday talk, including a ham license test.
    • Ohio Northern Kentucky Club, meetings in St. Bernard.
    • Hutch recently talked to a member
    • They did a 2nd tuesday talk a few years ago, they could do one again
      • general support for this idea among membership
      • Hutch will ask the Ham club member to contact Mike.
  • Jon--if anyone wants to do a hive "Hammvention" trip, we can carpool. It's in Dayton
    • Ian has room in car
    • May 16-18
    • largest Ham convention in US
    • tons of fun electronics in general also
    • Emily--check out LINUX in the Ham Shack