February 23, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm until further notice.
      • Are we planning on doing something about the air compressor noise?
    • Liability waiver legibility.
    • Warden help/suggestions from membership
      • If you notice consumables are out, a tool has an issue, etc email wardens@hive13.org
  • New Year, New Tools!
  • Tour of Hivetooley
    • Laser update
      • WARNING - Ensure that compressed air is flowing before cutting! The failure mode for this condition is FIRE!
    • 3D Printers
      • Bill has taken delivery of the temperature amplifier.
    • CNC update
      • Vectric Makerspace Program - Behold the power of procrastination.


Old Business

  • Jim D- Opening day parade.
    • We need volunteers for this. 2 or 3 would be great.
  • Jim D- San Francisco makerfaire.
    • We were accepted, and they're giving us $18,000 towards getting there.
    • We need at least 8 people to go out there and help run it.
    • Looking for other sponsors, also

New Business

  • Bi-weekly make-a-thon - Microcontrollers and open hack!
  • Welcome to new member Alex MacDonald
  • Propose a vote for $250 for a new oscillating sander.
  • Coy wants to switch over to the Makerspace edition of Vectric - this allows members to install the software at home and do *everything* but generate G-Code.
  • Andrew brought in some wire. Six spools of wire. Details forthcoming.
  • Stay tuned for second Tuesday speaker info from Jim.
  • Dave B brought a carbon fiber tube. Look at it. Nifty.
  • The mobile is leftover CNC milled aluminum aircraft parts from Jim D.


  • Ryan - Tested RFID keyfobs for Hive door access. Building an MPCNC.
  • Greg - ready to pour silver bullets, started putting together Mom's BMW, loaded soda machine
  • Brett - found us two years ago, back, makes doorbells that ring rotary phones
  • Lee - used to work at P&G, retired, looked for 2600 which led him here
  • Steve - Lee's son, tagged along, designs fire sprinklers for a living
  • Ian - Shaved and polished head, working on website issues for LARP group, working on new Hive print server (named deadtrees), working on giant whiteboard for apartment
  • Dave Lear - worked on truck, a plotter, a cutting board, very busy
  • John - went to new Hyde Park Belgian Waffle place (Taste of Belgium), saw projection system, fascinated, wants one
  • Will - got farther on a couple things he's working on this week
  • Tom - job hunt and classes, working on candy-making machine
  • Tim - still working on wooden sword prop project, eventually wants to learn wood lathe work
  • Coy - Worked on wooden spoon carving, more CNC work
  • Franklin - busy with work, not here for a while, working on PTDR codebase
  • Jim - had a crew working on a separate PTDR website, wants more people to help with it, and working on cable car Arduino project for trip for SF
  • Andrew - waiting on parts