February 4, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Due to weather, this meeting was held via google hangout


Old Business

  • CPS "Science Night"
  • Boone County library science session(s)
  • Space improvement

New Business

  • Sandblaster


  • Ian (Virtual)
  • Mike (Virtual)
  • Tiffany (Virtual)
  • Shadoxx (at the hive)
  • Tiffany (virtual)
  • Marvin (Virtual)
  • Don Hutch (Virtual)
  • Brandon
  • Coi
  • Franklin
  • Tyler (Virtual)
  • Jon (Virtual)


  • CPS science nights--Ian had conversation with 2-3 teachers.
    • They want hands-on discovery learning type exhibits with take-away component
    • Ian immediately thought of:
      • celery and food coloring
      • herb gardens with plastic bottles
      • electronics
      • 3D printing
    • They are comfortable with us prepping, attending, helping out
    • They would like us to team up with a parent
    • It will be at end of march probably
      • They might also like us to build a light table to display electronics
    • Marvin--perhaps it would be a good idea to have a set budget for service projects
  • Ian--Hive's fixed cost is only to build displays, CPS will pay for consumables
  • Marvin--it would be good to keep track of what service we do.
  • Ian: each school is looking to spend less than $500.
  • That we don't need much $ from them, makes us more attractive.
  • Mike--Boone County library
    • Krista from the library has sent out an email to the ~5 people who had volunteered to host science sessions
    • She's still excited about the idea, and is considering doing 1 big event for everyone's presentations
      • This would likely be a Saturday in June
      • Krista would like to know whether we want 1 event or separate sessions.
    • Mike--1 event would be more difficult to organize than separate sessions
    • Ian--volunteering would probably work better at a single event, members could help where they are comfortable
    • Most of the members who volunteered are not at the meeting, Mike will send out an email
  • Discussion continued:
    • Marvin: hive rather than individual members should spend $ on service
    • Marvin: do we have 2 or 3 things that are a turnkey situation--5 projects or whatever that we can take to places?
      • we don't have it now but it would be great to have
    • Hutch: "micro-faire" available to take to several schools and libraries would be great
    • Marvin would like to create a project that is educational, and donate it for our service outreach
  • Space improvement
    • Jon: bought a couple new tools.
    • Jon: pallet racks: going to use Dave B's contact, who will sell close to cost
      • Hopefully will get this quote tomorrow.
  • Jon: we should talk more about the school thing more in-depth, in person.
    • One thing to talk about is, what extent to we want to fund this vs charging.
  • Jon: we are getting a new-to-us air compressor
    • New member James will be bringing us his (woohoo!)
  • Ian--are we still planning on doing CNC build-off this weekend?
    • Jon--we will discuss this via IRC and make a decision.
  • Marvin--sandblaster? asked about this on email, Paul said we have one that needs repair
    • Jon--confirms it needs some minimal work, plus the new air compressor an probably a moisture trap.