February 7, 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Businesss

  • Laser Venting Status - Paul / Rick
  • Rick's Motorcycle Status
  • New additions to the agenda please add your name and be present or contact me ahead of time -- DM

Ongoing Business

  • Cin-D Lou
  • Bathroom sink is leaking, will someone fix it?
  • Arcade Cabinet by the back doors - Originally said we were going to get rid of it, but it's still here.
  • BigPigGig submission ~cjdavis - we need:
    • description
    • demo board for sponsor's reception 2/16
    • a couple of people to advocate at sponsor's reception 2/16

New Business

  • Computer desks
    • Are they for a project? If so, fine. If someone brought them down for the space please take them back!
  • Cooling for the summer. Let's start thinking about it now while it's cold and the Hive isn't an oven.
  • tom, the guy with the mill and scanner, is planning on coming tonight with the machines ~Dave
  • it looks like the CO2 canister (for laser fire extinguishing) is empty ~Dave


  • Dave Myers - El Presidente
  • Emily - (Guest) Nurse @ University Hospital
  • Paul - Secretary
  • Rick - EV Motorcycle
  • Hodapp - Alcoholic Concoctions, LED Display in glass block
  • Jordan - Student @ Cincinnati State, 50% project king
  • Carlos - (Guest) Electro Magnetism, circuit designs
  • Tom F. - (Guest) Brought us CNC Router, Gentleman and Scholar
  • Jim - Mechanical Eng. - Learning Electronics
  • Dave Menninger - Makerbot operator, Here every Monday
  • Andrew - (Guest) Biomechanical, circuitry
  • Alisha (sp?) - Architect & Jewelry Designer
  • Bill Steele - Retired from MS, The Makerbot King, "I bought another machine. (TM)"
  • Brent Shields - Electrical & Software, Just started Cincinnati Perl Mongers
  • Chris Davis - COO "Space Supervisor" big pig gig project
  • Jon Neal - EE Student @ UC, Aluminum Forge Master
  • Tye Scott - Embedded


  • Laser Venting
  • Rick Motorcycle is progressing
  • Cin-D Lou
    • Jim, frame has been stripped & cleaned (Hair removed)
    • Emphasis on locomotion
      • Line following, need to put down line.
      • Roomba style bumper.
  • Bathroom Sink appears to be fixed. Thank Jon
  • Arcade Cabinet
    • Need to contact John Eversole
    • Dave Menninger knows someone who will be interested.
    • Chris Davis wants it gone in < 2 weeks.
  • Big Pig Gig
    • Has to pass approval
    • 16th 5:30 - 7:30, sponsor & artist reception
      • Hodapp & Jim should be able to go, artist & daughter might be able to make it.
    • Chris Davis is putting together a demo, possibly so people can take w/ to the reception.
    • Jim wants an artist page on the wiki w/ the pig picture.
    • Jim, what about the circuit bending community? Go through Nebula Girl
  • Computer Desks
    • Chris Anderson brought them. Scumbag Anderson: "Brings down desk, doesnt ask anyone"
  • Cooling for the summer
    • Expensive & Power
  • Tom brought us a CNC Router (Roland)
    • Roland Cam3
    • Picza 3D scanner
    • Needs a bit of set up work.
  • CO2 canister for Laser Cutter is out of CO2
    • Wordway(sp?) Fuels, Dave Myers will
  • Galileo Project demo
  • Perl Monger group Feb. 15, 7 pm, Wednesday
    • Brent has set up a Mailing List and side page for Perl

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