February 9, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm until further notice.
    • Liability waiver legibility.
    • Warden help/suggestions from membership
      • If you notice consumables are out, a tool has an issue, etc email wardens@hive13.org
  • New Year, New Tools!
  • Tour of Hivetooley
    • Laser update
      • WARNING - Ensure that compressed air is flowing before cutting! The failure mode for this condition is FIRE!
    • 3D Printers
      • Polar3D is back online. The Raspberry Pi had Raspberry Died.
      • The Gigabot will still head crash on home after power on. Don't print unless you understand how to prevent this.
      • Lorin's Printrbot Simple Metal has appeared at Hive13. It is available for use by certified members.
      • The UC/Hive13 Ultimaker is in residence at Hive13. It is available for use by certified members. This is a $2500 machine. If you are not experienced with 3D printing, use the Polar3D or the Printrbot instead.
    • CNC update
      • The CNC is back online. Rewiring and limit switches are next on the hit list.


Old Business

New Business

  • Bi-weekly make-a-thon - Microcontrollers and open hack! This Saturday (13th) from noon to 7pm
  • Second Saturday Cleanup- This Saturday from noon to 5pm
  • Jim D- Opening day parade. Oxford kinetics festival is running separate from us. Registration is this weekend. Thinking laz-y-boy cin-d lou. If we don't make it in, we might ride with Oxford kinetics festival.
  • Jim D- San Francisco makerfaire. Registration is this weekend. Rent a pod ($8000), load it up, run down to the makerfaire, and setting up down there.
    • Would like two crews to man the PTDR
      • Request $18,000


Dustin- Worked on school stuff.

Ian- Freshman at UC. carpenter at performing arts center. Rock climber

Jacob- Graphics design. Build furnature in free time.

The Ian- CTO- working on few bugs on website. B&W printer is working again. Setting up raspberry pi server for the printers.

Lorin- Board member- Electronics Warden- 3d printing. Installing windows 10 on new pc.

Elly- Woodworking warden- Making wooden Bowties

Jim D- Treasurer- Working on arduino, Marti gras

Alec- working with models

Jon- COO- Stuff and things

Greg- Lounge Warden- Change ups batteries

Bill- Did a press thing recently.