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Melt glass rods and tubes using the heat of a bench mounted torch. We have a 3-station lampworking bench, with two small single stage torches, and one large two stage torch set up at all times. Both soft glass and borosilicate glasses can be worked, to create anything from beads and miniature sculptures all the way up to large wine glasses, ornaments, small bowls, tea pots, etc.

Lampworked Soft Glass Butterfly made at Hive13 by Kevin M.
Lampworked Borosilicate Glass Goblet made by Kevin M.

Stained Glass

cut glass sheets and join them with solder

Slumping and Fusing

cut glass sheets and then join them and shape them by melting them in a kiln.
Basic Fusing Instructions


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Enameling is the process of applying glass powder to a surface and heating it to melt the powder together and fuse it into a smooth glass coating.