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The moving committee has arrived at a conundrum. The layout for 7,000 square feet looks good for a 7,000 square foot space, but is a compromise if the space is going to grow quickly. The work to change the Hive13 layout once we begin building and moving is significant. We have the opportunity to resolve several compromises by taking the expansion now rather than later. If the 7,000 square feet was arranged to grow better, it would be too much of a compromise for the 7,000 square feet we are starting with.

There's a portion of the membership who feel that as soon as we're in the new space we should be working toward that expansion. The moving committee has arrived at two options. We are proposing a vote between these two options.

Floor Plan Options

Proposed Floor Plans can be seen here: File:2701InitialMoveInLayout.pdf

This drawing includes the 7,000 sq. ft. option set by committee approval and the 11,500 sq. ft. option open to comment and change up until the move meeting after the expansion vote passes (if it does).

The 7,000 square foot option

If the membership declines to rent 11,500 square feet we will build the 7,000 layout approved by the moving committee. The moving committee views this as a mandate to make that 7,000 square feet work as well as possible and shows that the membership does not feel that we will want to grow so soon.

The 11,500 square foot option

If the membership agrees to rent 11,500 square feet we will develop a floor plan, a plan of action, and a timetable for moving and finishing. This will be in stages and build-out will continue after May 31st, the last day we have rented at 2929 Spring Grove (the old space).



The expansion appears to be very affordable. Hive13 can afford to make the expansion to 11,500 square feet and continue operations for a year without any additional income. The more likely scenario is that Hive13 will grow in membership. The cost increase per month is $833 – Or a total of $9996 for the calendar year.

Build out

We're still working on an estimate on build out. We expect it to be more than building out 7,000 square feet, but not substantially so.

What does 11,500 square feet gain us?

  • We're hoping that the floor plan won't need to change for the foreseeable future. Any future expansion will allow us to augment this layout with the addition of studio spaces or new processes without needing to drastically change this 11,500.
  • Maximizes use of large windows for social areas
  • Maximizes working areas
  • Moves loud tools as far away from quiet areas as possible
  • Moves dirty tools as far away from clean areas as possible
  • Parking for large projects
  • Ability to provide different form factors for member storage
    • larger storage areas for cornerstone members
  • Ability to build out quieter areas
    • Lounge
    • Coworking space
    • Media studio
  • Display place for projects

What does 11,500 square feet risk us?

More space means more money. If Hive13 wants to grow capabilities, buy new equipment, or upgrade existing tools we'll need to grow membership. This requires effort on behalf of the membership.

COVID-19 will likely impact both the move and membership. The moving committee plans on conducting the build out in stages to spread required labor over time.

Even so, this is biting off more. It will be a lot of chewing. The moving committee feels we can chew it. It is not much more of the difficult parts of the build out. While it's more wall, it's not more doors. While it's more wire, it's not more circuits.