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Hive13 Project
Hive13 BeeBox
Hive13 boxSm.png
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 4/01/2014

Apiary - an area ("ary"-a?) of apes ("AH-pays" : Latin for "bees") and their hives.

This project is intended to allow members (apes: pronounce it as you will) at school or Mini Maker Faires to carry & show off a portable sample of the wide variety of skills/machine-areas (hives) available to members at Hive 13.

The code on the Arduino now has a GitHub repo.

2 September 2015: Code Rewrite!

The first 2.x version of the code is now up. Animation works much more smoothly, and is written time-independently. Currently set to 10 ms per animation tick. Additionally, the chaser lights now start white, then, as it speeds up, they become more colorful.

Currently uses about 21% of program memory and 5% of dynamic memory for globals.

28 August 2015: Show Prep: Gluing Things Down

Hive13 Apiary 2015-08-28 12.23.06.jpg Hive Apiary wiring diagram August 2015 with resistor value corrected

The brackets have been affixed to the bottom panel so things don't fly to pieces at the slightest provocation. Additionally, the code is finally up on GitHub, along with a rewrite started on the branch 2015-rewrite.

13 January 2015: 3D printed mounts

Red & black brackets for the Apiary Arduino, breadboard and 2 servos. 3D printed, designed by Joseph S.


12 September 2014: The Apiary lives!


Apiary 0.5: Laser cut logo; 3D printed logo; cut & brazed metal frame; hive-made wooden & Lexan® carcase; home-made wood stain;

servos; Arduino; LED strip; CdS sensor; 5vdc 1A wall wart; 2 clamps to hold it together for now! Software from & AdaFruit with some special modifications by Joseph Sikorski.

(White backround is for photo, normally the frame backround is open.)

Logo goes about 45º L & R of flat, LEDs march along strip; these actions speed up when the CdS is covered.

HIve13 apiarySm.jpg

First photo: 24 March 2014

Hive13 apiary 520141sm.jpg

Replaced wood floor with Masonite® floor

Hive13 apiary 520142sm.jpg

Clearance above shield with separate, removable Masonite® mounting board in place atop floor

Case assembled and stained.

Hive box 5 Aug 14.png

5 August 2014: Update to frame: Welds at corners changed

23 July 2014: Frame update

Update to frame: 3/4" "L" beam; rails 13 3/4" (with 4 holes); stiles 8", frame outside dim.s: 14"x8".

Rails to be welded to back of stiles, flush w/ top & bottom (bottom rail orientation corrected)

HIve box with rods.png

5 Aug 14: Rods placed; nuts shown

Hive box elec 11Aug.png

11 Aug 14: A concept

Proposed electronics shown (sensor; logo mover; display; tethered robot); fiber and 3D printing on logo

Hive box demoA2.jpg

Hive box demoB2.jpg

21 Aug 14: First steps

Note above High Speed Stop Action Photos of Apiary in Action!! "It's working! It's working!"

Note: logo is presented via High Tech 2D Printing - 3D to Follow!!

Dave helped get the frame cut and brazed; Ryan helped get the servo proof of concept running;

Next up:

Clean & apply finish to frame

LED display;

3d Print the H, CNC the I/1 & E/3(wood?) and laser cut/engrave the V (lexan®?). Fiber on the I or both the I & 1

sensors (and programming) to activate the box as visitors approach;

tiny tethered robot - would like a tiny bot that follows a line (visitors could draw and watch it follow)-would like it as small as possible with a Hive 13 3D printed bee shell

set up for a laptop battery with AC backup

Get the electronics spec'd & bought.

Get the assembled &electronics installed.

23 Jul 14

Alternate stiles; holes shown

7 1/2" x 14 1/4" for the 3/4" square channel frame.

The centered miniature logo will probably be 3D printed, not steel.

8" x 14 1/4" ext. dim.s for a mounting frame of 3/4" square channel (steel).

Hive13 logo of steel to weld to center of top of front of frame (3/4" apex to apex hex size for each hex).

Six 3 1/4" apex to apex hexes ( or 2 singles and two stacked doubles) for the active display within the frame. (Probably 3D printed plastic)

Will be adorned in various Hive13 member crafts.

Electronics, sensors, LEDs, controllers, servos, and ideas to display their use.