Hp 3478a multimeter

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HP 3478A DMM.jpg
Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: HP 3478a (google)
Arrival Date: 3/13/2017
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: no
Contact: Electronics Warden
Floorplan: Electronics
Manual: File:3478a.pdf

Purchased from eBay


This is a nice bench Digital MultiMeter (DMM) that has up to 5 1/2 digits of accuracy. Most of your handheld meters are only good for about 3 digits. This also has very accurate resistance capability which can do 4 wire measurements. This uses two wires to provide the current and two wires to measure the voltage. This can eliminate the resistance of the leads, very useful for low resistance work. The big brother meter above the bench (HP 3457) is more accurate, 7 1/2 digits, but is more difficult to use.