Hard drive platter mirror

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Hive13 Project
Hard drive platter mirror
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 2/23/2011
End Date: 9/3/2012


After seeing the number of hard drives that were being tossed out I decided to scavenge the hard drive platters for a hard drive mirror.

Project Owner

Jon Neal

Current Status

I have started collecting hard drive platters. I need to decide on several things at this point:

  • Mirror size
    • listed as Height X Width
    • 14" x 14" (4 x 4, 16 platters) rather small
    • 21" x 14" (6 x 4, 24 platters) narrow
    • 17.5" x 17.5" (5 x 5, 25 platters)
    • 21" x 17.5" (6 x 5, 30 platters)
    • 24.5" x 21" (7 x 6, 42 platters)
  • What I will back/mount the platters on
    • Wood
    • Wood with a metal frame for contrast
  • How to attach the platters to whatever the backing is without it being ugly
    • May lay them out on wood and coat them with polyurethane and hope that sticks pretty well. This also prevents the platters themselves getting scratched.
  • How to prevent scratching
    • Normal mirrors have glass in front of them, but that doesn't seem like the best option for this. I am thinking polyurethane.

Work Log

February 23, 2011

I scavenged 22 platters from the hard drives in the scrap bin plus one I had brought down. Interestingly enough some are a different thickness than others. Hopefully I can get some more platters in a timely manner as the largest size I listed in my options looks the best to me!

May 24, 2011

I finally got a few more hard drives. I have a total of 33 now. I'm thinking of building the largest size I can (6x5). The next step is to figure out a frame for it all and backing. Probably a black background with the platters glued down.

September 3, 2012

This went no where due to me being lazy :). A few of the mirrors were tested by Bill Steele for laser mirrors, which worked quite well. I still have a huge stack of platters though.