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The Hive13 Library is a space currently in process of being fleshed out at the Hive. Soon, physical and digital media will be stored here for ease of access and utility to the members of the Hive. The location for the Hive13 Library in the space is currently the brown shelf in-between the Electronics and Sewing activity areas.

Hive13 Library Warden

The current Hive13 Library warden is Jack Margeson (as of 07/11/2022). Check user page for contact information.

Usage of the Hive13 Library

More details on the usage of the Hive13 Library will be present as the physical space develops with the library infrastructure. For now, here are the tentative plans about the implementation:

  1. A digital system will be created in which books, magazines, and manuals can be catalogued and stored for indexing.
  2. A member should be able to use their RFID access card, the one they possess to unlock the door to the building, to identify themselves to the system.
  3. Tagged physical media (RFID, NFC, barcode, etc.) will be then available to scan into the system using the same reading method as identification.
  4. The system will note the media has been "checked out" and the catalogue will update accordingly.
  5. Eventually, this system should try and interface with the current Hive Intweb, allowing users to access the catalogue and state of materials from the online web portal.

From a more technical standpoint, the current idea is to try and develop this system in Python, as the scripting language would give access to packages able to scan and parse RFID/NFC data, as well as the databasing capabilities needed to not only store and categorize physical and digital media, but the ability to interface with the Intweb system in the future as well.