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From (potentially mainstream) media

Soapbox Media did an article about us on February 2, 2010: Things are buzzing at Hive 13 Hackerspace (PDF mirror and HTML mirror) They also made a video about us on February 15: (Vimeo or Download)

Hi Velocity wrote an article with some nice photos on April 22, 2010: Hackerspaces give tinkerers room to work out 'next big thing' by Feoshia Henderson; copies are here (HTML) and here (PDF).

Cincinnati Enquirer had an article on April 29, 2010 entitled, "Bold Fusion boosts culture of 'makers'" by Laura Baverman. The original link is down since keeps content only for 30 days, but a copy is up here.

WCPO Cincinnati did an article, "'Hackerspace' Uses Modern Tools To Reach Impossible" by Lance Barry, on May 21, 2010; the original article link is down, but a PDF copy is here. This accompanied a news segment they broadcast around the same time, and thanks to Vendy (and probably Chris Davis too) there is a copy at Youtube and a full 720p copy here (beware, 380 MB).

An internal Seapine blog mentioned this news story a few days later, and Paul grabbed a copy which is here.

Cincinnati Magazine had a short snippet about us in their June 2010 issue. Bailey provided a phone-cam-snapshot here, and a copy of a summary from their site is here (or here for an awful HTML copy).

Cincy Chic interviewed Jason Bailey about Hive13 on August 4, 2010: Gathering around Gadgets. PDF copy from site (here, and better one here), and an HTML mirror

CityBeat ran an online article about us on November 30, 2010: It's Do and DIY at Hive13 Group (also HTML mirror and PDF copy). The December 1-7 print issue of Citybeat had a similar article, as well as a front-page photo (Article scan: Small Large full 600 DPI, Front cover scan: Small Large Full 600 DPI)

Hackaday and various other sites picked up on our Glass Block LED Matrix on October 15, 2011 after a Vimeo video Chris Hodapp posted. Hackaday link here, HTML copy here, PDF here

Make Live broadcast a show in November 9, 2011 which included some video footage they'd asked us to provide of our space. Youtube video of our portion is here, and archived copy coming as soon as Hodapp gets off of his lazy ass and uploads it.

Make gave away a kit on December 9, 2001 which included Craig Smith's creation, the DrinkShield. Link here, PDF copy here, HTML here

Bob Schwartz visited the space and posted about his visit on his blog on Feb 13th, 2015.

From our own members

Starbuck provided this time lapse from Jesus Respawns 10 on April 16-18, 2010: Arsclan Jesus Respawns 10: 3 days in 2 minutes! (FLV copy here)