Hive original 2009

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Just a pile of photos from June 30, 2009 - very early Hive13, seeing the Anchor Building they had just signed a lease for.

Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8605.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8606.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8607.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8608.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8609.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8610.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8611.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8612.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8613.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8614.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8615.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8616.jpeg Anchor-Building-2009-IMG 8617.jpeg