Hot Crafts Committee Meeting - March 7th, 2022

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Hot Crafts Committee Meetings
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Candidate: Hot Crafts Committee Meeting - April 4th, 2022

Time and Place

Hot Crafts Area 7:00 PM


To-Do List

  • Update Active Buildout/Improvement To-Do list
    • What's been finished?
    • What needs to be one to finish things that have been started?
    • What needs to be done for health and safety and to make all activities functional?
    • Who will do or lead each thing?


  • Updates to Wishlist?

Activities and Events

  • Classes and Certifications
  • Demos


Attendees: Lisa, Kevin, Alexa, Ameera, Jax

To-Do list


  • pottery wheel: drip tray not secure, needs improvement
  • Storage/Shelving
    • possibly get rid of black shelves and put wheel by column?
    • designate shelves work in progress and kiln ready
    • consolidate ceramics stuff to wood shelves and make room for tumblers on green shelves


  • Wiki stuff- please help wherever you can, we have a tone of undocumented stuff
  • kiln vent - likely to corrode, put in instructions to inspect vent every firing
  • local sources for clay: core clay and queen city clay


  • Alexa to research extruder options and document in Wishlist


  • April 2nd - jewelry bench basics class - touch on basics of hand tools, mainly teach soldering torch (maybe make a simple soldered wire ring) - Kevin and Jax
  • April 9th (Saturday) 2:00pm to 5:00pmAlexa taking on play with clay day - date: (Lisa put on calendar)
  • April 12th - Thompson Enamel Demo - Kevin to make announcement
  • April 29th and 30th - Casting classes - Jax interested in teaching sand casting, Kevin to work on Investment casting