Inkscape Honeycomb Tiles

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This tutorial shows how to create a seamless honeycomb vector based tile in Inkscape.

Step 1: Set Document Properties

First we want a black background.

  1. File->Document Properties
  2. Click background
  3. Choose a black color (Or whatever you like)
  4. Close Dialogs

Step 1: Create a Hexagon

  1. Choose the toolbox button for creating stars and polygons (*)
  2. Set it to polygon with 6 corners (Top toolbar)
  3. Draw out a hexagon and set any kind of image properties you like. In this example I used a green stroke color with a green inner gradient.
  4. Then place the hexagon in the upper left corner just outside of the page boundaries


Step 2: Use Clone Tile Settings

  1. Goto Edit->Clone->Create Tiled Clones...
  2. Click on the Shift Tab and create your settings like those below. The bottom rows x columns can be smaller depending on the size of your initial hexagon. 100x100 will do 10,000 hexagons and may take a while but should fill your page.
  3. Then click the Create Button



You can now zoom out to see the whole page. Hint: There is a button in the top toolbar of a magnifying glass and a page underneath that does this for you. Your image should look like this one:


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