Inkscape Honeycomb Tiles - Technique

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This produces the same results as Inkscape Honeycomb Tiles tutorial. The first tutorial has an issue of "sliding". That is that each row is shifted slightly to the left. That leads to a bunch of unused and wasted polygon vectors. So with just a slight adjustment to the last tutorial you can eliminate that issue. Shortly after posting the first tutorial I worked with Zeus to come up with this improved method.

Step 1: Setup your document

This is the same as the first tutorial so I want explain it again.

Step 2: Create TWO hexagons

This time you want to create two hexagons like the image below:


Step 3: Group them Together

Use the group tool with both objects selected to group them as one.


Step 4: Clone and Tile

Set your settings like below



This will just cover the necessary area. The below picture is just to demonstrate that there is no "sliding" anymore.