Intweb and Google Groups Migration Thoughts

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Migrating from Google Groups to Discourse

This was all moved to: Discourse - Older Migration Notes

intweb migration

Yes, the thing we've been procrastinating for 2+ years...

Wild Apricot

This is what Nathaniel Lyttle of Club Cyberia told us about.

Azure AD B2C


Another open source one that Chris Davis mentioned:

  • They have online demos:
    • Look near the bottom of this for "Additional Demos & Testing Sandboxes".
  • This has to integrate with another CMS; they list Backdrop, Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress. (That's sort of a benefit because we can configure it, but sort of a drawback because that's another thing we have to configure.)
  • As far as I know, authentication/identity is up to the CMS
  • Forms:
    • They give some examples of integrating with Caldera Forms, but Caldera Forms is also being discontinued and transitioned to Ninja Forms
    • There is also CiviCRM Form Builder but this looks fairly young and I don't see many examples

  • has an API associated with the account (for getting json dumps of out data)
  • $80(ish) a month


  • NOTE: As of April 2022 we are exploring Tendenci for implementation in a sandbox Azure environment. See SLACK Hive13_it_infrastructure for ongoing discussion.

Dave's message from 2021 July

Before somebody goes and bites into a wild apricot. Here are some resources to read through.

Here is my short shot on how to select a software provider

  • First prioritize requirements and identify the deal-breakers.
  • Determine a working budget for the software and any professional services needed
  • Do an analysis of vendors
  • Conduct a hands-on tests of the top system(s) and call references.
  • There's no quick way to pick a complex piece of software. It has to fit our needs, budget, and technical capacity.

The list below is the result of my research this afternoon on providers of Association management software

I'm sure this isn't a complete list.

Before we pick one of them and commit to an effort, we should do the upfront work required.

Let's do the requirements list first.


For Profit Companies

Evaluation thoughts for software packages to replace all or parts of IntWeb is here.[1]