Jan 15, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

Ongoing Business

  • FDM 2000 is sold on ebay, final total was $2,000
    • Dave Blundel & Jon Neal are the contact for this.

New Business

  • Authorize Monthly 'Supply' budget for COO ($20 - $100). This would cover:
    • Resupplying Electronics bench
    • Purchasing consumables (Toilet paper, paper towels, shop towels, pop for pop machine).
    • COO would submit receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement and would need to stay within budget.
  • Discuss plans to decommission HiveStor and initiate plans for a replacement PC.
    • Purchase a replacement? Purchase Hard drives?
    • HiveStor is currently an amalgamation of hard drives in RAID 0 w/ a total storage size of ~2 TB.
  • Dave B. would like a volunteer to help w/ installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop on the PC destined for the Electronics Testing area. Contact Dave B. if you are interested in assisting.
  • Dave B. has offered to donate his current desoldering station to the Hive.
  • Authorize the purchase of the Hako Soldering Station to replace the defunct Tenma soldering station.


  • Jim Dallam - Cindy Lou
  • Conan (Guest)
  • Robbert (guest)
  • Dan (Guest)
  • Ian
  • Jason - D20
  • Paul
  • Dave Menninger - DIY bookscanner
  • Chris Hodapp - Linear Algebra
  • Brandon (Shadoxx) - Has a tie
  • Jon Neal - COO
  • Tye
  • Craig - Finances, lockpicking
  • Jon Cairnes


  • FDM 2000, got up to $2000
    • High bidder has backed out, wants to come take a look at it.
    • Dave & Jon got dis.
  • Jim - What to do w/ the income from these items?
    • What do we want to buy?
  • Door rfid tag // keys
  • Committee to come up with a plan & budget for RFID access
    • Tag the subject with "Acess Authorization" "Access and Security Subcomitte"
  • Tye - Poweredge 750, 2 drive, 1 U, SATA
    • Contact Dave Blundel
  • HiveStor being decommissioned, take your stuff off it
  • Brandon volunteered to install the Electornics area PC
  • 6 new members last week
  • Paul will email the mailing list about purchasing again.
  • Next 2nd Tuesday, possibly Tye's cousin will do a seminar on welding.
  • Jim, if you want help on something, we will announce it at the end of the meeting.