Jan 22, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

Ongoing Business

  • FDM Status?

New Business

  • Vote on purchasing procedures


  • Paul - Secretary
  • Brandon (Shadoxx) - Installing car stereo
  • Jordan - Charge controller for solar panel
  • Craig - Treasurer
  • Jon Neal - COO
  • Dave Menninger - book scanner
  • Bill Steele - Building customer kits for pimaker
  • Aaron(Sp?) (Guest) - teacher, trying to get people for a 3d course
  • Dave (Guest) - Stripping crud of cast iron cook ware
  • George (Guest) - Buffalo hackerspace member, high speed photography
  • Dan (New Member) - Thinking of projects
  • Jim - President
  • Alicia - (New Member) Electrical, home automation
  • Chris Anderson - Got but kicked in Ticket to Ride
  • Alan (Guest) - Came for the game day, software & computer engineer
  • Ian Wilson - Electrical Engineer, RFID door project
  • Dave Blundel - CTO, working on a reflow toaster oven, working on CANBus circuit boards
  • Chris Hodapp - Photographs, blender, LED Glass block wall, smash them all together
  • Jason - Solid State Theramin


  • FDM Status
    • We poked around w/ it, and the guy is being a PITA.
  • Dave went over the new purchasing procedures. Full details on the mailing list.
    • Vote on the proposal at the meeting:
      • For: 12
      • Against: 0
  • Jim
    • T-Shirt Drive
    • Dave B. has buddies who will screen print he shirts as long as we have 20+, probably around $8 or so.
    • Dave B. will review the mailing list.
    • Conan is also contributing.
  • Jim, Feb 2nd Tuesday speaker is Hodapp on the RasberyPi
  • Large Format printer works, we hath printed some stickers with it.
  • Cory Doctorow will be in town on Feb 14th
  • Chris Anderson, wants to do an 'old school command line Unix class'
  • Ian Wilson, Open BTS will bring in.
  • Dave Blundel, brought in a soldering // desoldering station. It has survived a fire. Please Take Care Of It. Clean up the desoldering station if you use it.
    • 8 Channel Logic Analyzer is here.