January 12, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Officer Reports
    • President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions





  • officers / board should always be required to come to meetings
    • especially the first meeting of the month
  • when is the business time vs the fun time
  • there needs to be some firewalled time
  • someone needs to tell everyone to come meet
  • paul volunteers to announce the meeting time at 7;25 on tuesdays

tool room

  • where will be the "permanent" spots for the big tools?
  • let's take a good look at the floorplan
  • authorizations / liability
  • there needs to be a very formal process for getting onto the approved list
  • a specific class for each tool that each person must go through
  • we are talking about very dangerous tools
  • it might make sense to put many of these tools outside the "dirty room"


  • need to focus on giving people place to put their stuff out of the way
  • maybe we need to build some shelves
  • what stuff is personal, what is group
  • what is being worked on, what is inactive
  • general courtesy - clean up after yourself
  • better overview plan
  • where is the boundary of when you force people to clean up after themselves
  • is there an area that we can guarantee will be clear for people to work?
  • again, we need to look at the map

equipment donations / disposal

  • there needs to be more of a do-not-want list
  • what we want and what we don't want
  • so we don't keep collecting old junk

form 1023

  • cyberassistant is not out
  • if cyberassistant doesn't come out by some certain date then we will have to do it the old way
  • when is that date?
  • april 1st?

ignite cincinnati

  • craig and dave are presumably going to be presenting
  • it is on the 20th
  • you should come

alarm system

  • should we get (pay for) a real security system?
  • many $$ tools
  • costs < $30 per month
  • we can get a good deal from a guy ed knows
  • whats the charge for setting it off accidentally?
  • there would be a call list
  • issues with people joining quitting
  • other tenants of the anchor building
  • each person would have their own code
  • what does our renters insurance cover?
  • is there a possibility of homebrewing it with webcams and motion sensors
  • as we grow security could become a bigger and bigger issue
  • the one ed was looking at would be door sensors, and a couple motion sensors
  • logistics is a bigger issue than cost
  • maybe lock stuff to the floor or something

stove / oven

  • which to do: spend money on wiring or spend money on gas stove?
  • where the money come from?
  • what is the budget of this?
  • do the profit points with the budget

Next Actions

  • draft of tool-sign off sheets - Ed
  • write up "do not want list" - Paul
  • bring in copy of floorplan of hive13 and propose tool locations - Ed, Paul, Jim