January 14, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Spindle Sander: obtained

New Business

  • Some new wood shop supplies
  • 3rd Saturday cleanup
  • Hive improvement: proposal for new lights, new pallet racks
  • Hive13 Facebook group
  • 2nd Tuesday talk--DIY-Bio


  • Mike (secretary)--made slides about DIY bio
  • Hutch--started online course in commuter science
  • Jim Sheely (m)--working on a battlebot
  • Ellie (m)--working with Xmas present, getting proficient in inkscape
  • Thurman Winzel--new to Hive
  • Brad--learning some costume making
  • Jordan--didn't do anything
  • Jon Neil--new stuff for woodworking shop, added "random button" light show to vending machine
  • Franklin--got sparkcore--like arduino, with wifi
  • Ruth--(apologies--couldn't quite hear)
  • Joseph--registering for membership! coffee, habitat for humanity, and more
  • Don--(apologies--couldn't quite hear)
  • Mike (member)--visiting after a hiatus
  • Emily--built shelves
  • Jason (member)--working on pathfinder scenario
  • Andy--just joined!
  • Bill--built a printer and tested out Gigabot
  • Dave (m)--did things! repaired an old DIY circuit
  • Ryan m)--ordered parts for router table.
  • Coy (m)
  • Brent(m)--bought some raspberry pi's and webcams, getting motion detection goin
  • Dave(m)--tried to rebuild computers, working on digital key entry lock
  • Dan (m)--rooted a tablet
  • Hodapp (m)--wrote a boring proposal
  • Jason (m)--did a little debugging, repaired cars, etc
  • Paul (m)--signed up to take classes at cinci art academy
  • Shelly--1st time here, neuroscience major
  • Shadoxx (m)
  • Ian (el presidente)--bought every raspberry pi at microcenter, and turned them into networked temp/humidity sensors.


Old Business

  • Jon--Awhile back we voted to buy a belt and spindle sander, we just bought Joseph's (new member!)
  • Jon also bought 2 routers, 50 router bits, some clamps, spray paint, other supplies

New Business

  • Ian--Looking at upgrading Hive lighting
    • We can no longer replace our long fluorescent lights, bulbs not made.
    • Ian has found replacement LED lights at home depot. $150 apiece. Ian will buy one and test it out.
    • Jon--we should talk to garden street before replacing lights--some discussion, is this necessary?
  • Ian--we are looking to get more pallet racks (storage shelves) for the space
    • These would go by back door--would need to move/trash the blackboard
    • Goal: improve organization, increase storage space for member projects
    • Ian found a quote in Indianapolis. Estimated with transport: $700
    • Hutch--will this be better than getting shelves from weld-plus? Short discussion followed
      • There will be an online vote with some more details.
  • Paul--will not be able to make it to Tuesday meetings
    • Someone else will need to pick up pizza! or institute cooking day before meetings?
    • Ryan volunteered if needed
    • Paul has been transporting the pizza for 5 years, and deserves a trophy.
  • Ryan--3rd saturday cleanup is coming up, 1PM!
  • Ryan--needs to order a little additional steel for the router project, contact him if you want to combine orders
  • Emily--renting out out 2 nice rooms in her attic. They are on Craigslist and facebook.
  • Jason--hive T-shirt order status?
    • Ian--needs to find time to do price checking and credit card authorizations.
    • Goal: trying to save money by writing code for price analysis
    • Talk to Ian if you want to write the code. Friday Hack-a-thon?
  • Mike--Our facebook group is currently closed (you have to apply), would prefer it was open
    • Mike--People browsing facebook should be able to learn something about Hive13 immediately.
    • Dave M--another option is to create a Hive facebook page, rather than a "group."
    • Some discussion followed. Facebook page sounds good, but it's pointless unless we update it.
    • Dave M and Brandon seem to be taking the lead on a Hive facebook page.
  • Mike gave 2nd Tuesday talk on DIY-Bio.