January 17, 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Businesss

  • Update about the 100 amp // 60 amp sub-panel?

Ongoing Business

  • Laser Venting

New Business

  • Cameras are installed, be aware of their locations -- Do we want to DVR everything?
  • Lightning Talks -- Jon Neal
  • Brita pitcher -- There was one in the fridge a while ago, but it gotten taken out and is now in a cabinet. Any reason why it got put away?
    • It needs new filters, did not get regularly used or cleaned. Water would sit in it for months. Paul can bring down a new filter, but will not have it tonight.
  • Laser class after meeting
  • Cin-D meeting after meeting
    • Related? Jon Neal has access to a wheel chair, could provide a ready-made mobile base unit. We need to retrieve, strip, and clean.
  • Doorbell, contact Grant about mounting // drilling near the door. Wired doorbell will be under $40 + effort.
    • Need: Mechanical Chime, Transformer, a commercial grade button to survive weather & deliberate abuse by roaming locals, permission from Grant to install said button.
  • New computers at the space
    • Ed Estes
    • Hive Studio - Dave Myers


  • Dave Myers - President
  • Tiffany
  • Chris Hodapp
  • Brent
  • Lauren - (Guest of Shadoxx) Sculpture & Drawing
  • Shadoxx (Brandon) - DJ & Reverse Engineer
  • Rick - Geek squad installation, making an electric bike
  • Eric (Guest of Rick) - Graphic Designer & Snowboard instructor
  • James - (Returning Member)
  • Jim - Mechanical Engineer
  • Tyler - UC Student (Here w/ Jon)
  • Jon - EE Student @ UC, general dabbler and assistant
  • Jeff Spenser - Software Arch.
  • Kellen - (Son of Jeff)
  • Tye Scott
  • Ed Estes
  • Bill Steele - (3d Printer Guru) Software Trainer (Retired from MS)
  • Paul
  • Ian Wilson -
  • Dave Menninger - Makerbot
  • Craig - Finances, Membership management, Reverse Engineering specialist.


  • Alex - Power Situation
    • Question: Long term planning, are we moving? Unlikely
    • 100 Amp might be overkill, 60 Amp ~$600 + $100 "Random Stuff"
    • Slots open on main panel, might be easier to just run a couple smaller lines.
  • Laser Venting
    • We need to build a box for the blower
  • Cameras
    • Cameras, one in the fab lab pointing at table, one pointing at laser
  • Lightning talks
    • Who wants to do one? Jon Neal had stuff to say about this. He is working on his car.
  • Brita Filter
  • See Jim about Cin-D house bot after the meeting.
    • Jon Neal has found a motorized wheel chair, we need a truck to pick it up, then plan a day to strip it.
  • Doorbell
  • New Computers
    • Ed brought 3, permanent workstations to have things like inkscape, fixed to a single location and working.
    • Studio machine, Quad core w/ a decent video card.
  • Training
    • We will work on the document
  • CNC Machine is up and working.

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