January 20, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Gigabot Update
  • Kitchen lights and leak
  • Big CNC update
  • New Popup Cincy Event In Mid or Late March

New business

  • Power Series!
  • Reshape Competition
  • Missing Welders
  • Selling old couches
  • Soda People


  • Brandon - python, led stuff
  • Julien - Mammouth Cave, wasn't allowed in cave. Put new Z-Axis on Shapeoko
  • James - Really massive storage array is formatting, building cabinets. Building a box.
  • Kirk - New Member! Welding room warden.
  • Jim S - Buying a weird car. Will be here soon!
  • Katie - Worked on buildings
  • Loren - First reliable readings from biosensor array!
  • Brad - First flat tire! Woo adulthood!
  • Dustin - Working on sword and sheild.
  • Charlie - stuff
  • Nate - Guest, finished thesis!
  • Ivan - Worked on Gigabot. Heated bed is now installed. Laser cut IKEA cork something
  • Nancy - turning blanket into tote, adventure to Columbus
  • Nathan - here for microcontroller Mondays
  • Martin - come here to do things
  • Bill - made a 3d printer or something, just back from CES. Just designed PolarBear printer
  • Elly - "experimented", baked bread, dust collection
  • Jon - CNC, Sold Welders (MYSTERY SOLVED)
  • Hodapp - constructive type theory, tea stuff
  • Ian W - Mergers and Acquisitions, updated bylaws. Updated Hive controller.


  • Welding Table
    • Purchased! Jon has given a check to the guy making the table for us!
  • Gigabot
    • It's not working. "Weird weirdness" to figure out.
    • Ivan is going to spend about $40 to buy stuff to fix it. Vote next week.
  • Kitchen Lights And Leak
    • Garden Street
  • Big CNC Update
    • Everything is mounted. Table is still a bit askew (rails is at an angle).
    • Bill fixed it.
  • Popup Cincy
    • Mid or Late March
  • Power Series
    • Starting on it tomorrow. Frame and Steering design will be worked on.
    • Also giving a tutorial on the Roland CNC. Great learning opportunity!
  • Reshape Event
    • May 31st, theme is wearable technology
  • Missing Welders
    • Jon sold broken welders, got money
  • Soda Machine
    • Coy is a sad bunny because no one walked to Family Dollar with him.
    • Soda People need to step up their game and refill the machine.