January 25, 2011

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • LAN party recap
  • announce int80 RE class
  • announce CMTK4 circuit-bending class
    • create eventbrite
  • interest in a crocheting or knitting class
  • mouse-trap car races?

New Business

  • <Mike Linville> Request to use the hackerspace to host a fundraiser for my sister-in-law. My niece was unexpectedly placed into the ICU this weekend and they are expecting to have several days in the hospital and on-going treatment. She is doing better ATM, but is currently still in the hospital. And, with luck she will be released tomorrow. My wife is hoping to put this together and I had mentioned using the space if it was available. Considering that this is not a fundraiser associated with the space, I wanted to definitely put this forward to the group for review and comments. We were hoping to use the space on 2/19 in the evening. We would clean before and after, of course. One plus for Hive13 in this is it will get some folks into the space who have no idea the Hive even exists. We could have a table setup and sell some shirts and other swag for people to take or whatever. I had planned to be there tonight, but I am going to be unable.

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • chris davis, paul, chris hodapp, tp, craig, tye, chris anderson, jim, dave


  • Lan party went well
    • we'll try to plan another one
  • announce RE class
  • announce cmtk4 concert / workshop
    • jim and dave work on blog and eventbrite
  • interest in knitting or crocheting class?
  • mouse-trap car races?
    • no one really able to take the lead on this
  • linville using the space on 2/19
  • sumobot comp is officially on april 16th
    • sign up online
    • it will be in the cincinnati fitness boxing ring
  • shop 101 class is highly desired

Next Actions