January 28, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space improvement

New Business

  • CPS "Science Night"


  • James--Raspberry Pi class and making robot
  • Tye--nothing exciting
  • Jon--worked on CNC mill, broke a chair tonight
  • Hutch--working on online courses on CS and embedded systems
  • Jim S.--futon frame is operational
  • Brandon AKA Shaddox--designed a bunch of instruments for album.
  • Ryan--welded book shelves, heckled Jon
  • Nancy--working on bunch rug and recycled welder wire
  • Hodapp--graced by Shadoxx's presence.
  • Jordan--stayed warm
  • Bill--brought in parts for a CNC plasma cutter.
  • Dave--cleaning up EJunk
  • Brad--working on cosplay weapon project


  • James--donating novelty chicken zip ties
  • Ian--may have misquoted pallet racks originally--but should still be on budget.
    • Dave B's connection for someone who will sell close to cost may be the way to go.
  • Jon--concrete floor. Not happening right now. Unfortunately it would be very prone to cracking.
    • The idea was to improve the dirty room with a floor that's level and fireproof
    • Recommendation by Jon's dad (contractor): levelling compound, fire-proof plywood
    • Ian's suggestion: concrete board for the wall it can go on the wall. Jon: drywall is cheaper and fireproof.
    • James agrees--modern drywall is fireproof.
    • Upgrading the floor would still be great, but is not an immediate priority
  • Jon--Hive temporary hive un-improvements
    • Radial arm saw's blade was dull, removed, will replace
    • Jim S replaced the blade on the bandsaw (thanks!)
    • Grinder is also temporarily out of commission while Jon welds its stand.
  • Dave--table saw lead, but seller has been hard to contact.
  • Ian--Cincinnati public schools science nights grades K-6.
    • This would start in ~6wks
    • We don't know much detail at this point, Ian wants to know if Hive members want to help.
      • Ian will be meeting with CPS wed.
      • Focus on STEM (obviously). Ties back to things on the tests would be great
    • Shadoxx--Boone county public library wants something similar (see emails)
    • Some discussion followed.
      • Who should pay for supplies?...we (Hive) should absorb the cost, it's a service project.
      • Ian--it would be great to have some standardized workshops/classes we could roll out for stuff like this
      • Ideas for mini-workshops?
        • Learn to solder
        • Mike-DNA extraction
        • Ian--Circuit building blocks. "Snap circuits," possibily other brands for this.
    • membership was generally supportive, and we will go ahead and try to do this!
  • Ian--next weekend (not this weekend) we will probably do a hackathon to try and get the CNC plasma cutter together.
    • Ian will be working with Jon and Ryan to make sure we have everything we need.
  • Ian--Hive air system We want to plumb airlines out from the space.
    • Not an immediate project, something to be aware of.
    • It would need a water trap: dry air is important for plasma cutter, paint booth, etc
    • James--what are we doing for compressor?
    • Ian--we have one that needs to be fixed
    • James may have one we can take
  • Ryan--bring up the Lathe
    • Jon--looking at getting a metal lathe.
    • $1500 to $2000 for lathe.
  • Bill has fixed/leveled the platform on the gigabot
  • Bill also has a few electronics housing boxes we could use
  • James--what is the status of the giant HP printer?
    • It has almost never been used here.
    • Jon is still hoping to sell it, but in the meantime it can be used by members.