January 6, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Welding Table Update
  • Gigabot update
  • Electrical upgrade update
  • Area wardens
    • They can start organizing things for the mini open house!
  • Lan party guy - Did not happen
  • Kitchen lights and now a leak :)
  • Extra bigass laser!
  • Big CNC update
  • Votes
    • Results of the secretary vote are in
    • Need to vote for area wardens
  • New Popup Cincy Event
  • Tool borrowing

New business

  • Rick is selling his electric motorcycle! $1200 for the lot. All of the electronics are worth >$3000. Really great deal! Range is 30 miles round trip.
    • Send Paul an email if you're interested
  • This week in wiki!
  • Who Stole Dustin's Knobs?
  • Warden Budget Vote
  • CAC sent us a holiday post card! They remember us! We're famous!
    • We should send out cards to donors and connections around our anniversary in July.
  • Email from Lakota Highschool
    • Doing a Pi Day event. Friday, March 20th. Could bring a booth. Need volunteer to helps out! Will bring this up again closer to event.
  • Jim D Challenges us to have an entry in the Opening Day Parade (April 6th)
    • Jim D wants to make it walk the parade route.
    • Lets tow the big CNC with Rick's electric bike.
  • Power Series is starting back up. Talk to Jim S!
    • Wednesday night at 7PM. Power Series woo!
  • Lathes - Consider the following...
    • We have a few recommendations from the MIT hackerspace: micro-lathes. The new hotness.
    • Good for hobby sized projects. Put on mailing list.
  • Second Tuesday Spekers
    • Starting back up! Talk to Jim D if you're interested in giving a talk or know someone that would be.


  • Secretary
  • Area Warden Budget
    • $250/month for supplies and things that help the space run smoothly.


  • Jim S - Hive Project, Arduino stuff
  • Brandon - work
  • Julien - back from the holidays
  • Katie - working on simulation rain
  • Nick - Manager of the rapid prototyping center at UC, artist collective.
  • Ivan - working, life!
  • Dustin
  • Charlie - artist, no art. dat struggle. job hunt
  • Nancy - voluntary art therapy, GROCERY TOTES!
  • Brad - "polishing wood"
  • Jon - worked on the CNC, did stuff with dust collection. being a baus
  • Tiffany - fixed the screen on phone
  • Oliver ( guest baby )
  • Loren - Professor at UC, Guest
  • Elly - refinished workbench, made picture frames, lots of things. She wants to get in a knife fight with the world. PUMPKIN BREAD!
  • Paul - nothing of interest
  • Dave - writing something
  • Chris Davis - came here, running bar. just stuff
  • Brent - Perl hacking
  • Dave - back fromthe holidays, sending off an order of parts soon
  • Coy - Tryst with Jon via CNC
  • Franklin - back from the holidays, home automation stuff
  • Jim D - Raspberry Pi B+ for robot


  • Jordan(LTR) passed away on New Years. :( No funeral, but there will be a memorial service/celebration of life.
    • If you have any memories that you want to share about him please post them to the mailing list. Brandon will send them to his family.
  • Welding Table Update
    • Buying from the guy we're already in contact with. Roughly $800-$900. $100 under budget!
  • Gigabot update
    • Heated bed arrived today!
    • Electronics are installed, but seems to be having some brown out issues
    • Someone else needs to pick this up, all new electronics. Still needs troubleshooting!
  • Electrical Update
    • Jon is mapping out outlets and lights. Next phase is planning where we want new drops installed. Few more weeks for progress update.
    • Jim S purchased wattage meters to monitor our electricity usage.
  • Area Wardens
    • Started at the beginning of the year!
    • <Insert Area Warden List Here>
    • Jim needs approval for $250/mo budget
  • Kitchen Lights + Leak
    • Grant actually called us back! Maintainence guy hasn't had time to check out space. We call bullshit. Outlook is abysmal for actual service. Please send help.
    • New tenant above us, please be aware of noise level. Shadoxx isn't allowed to play "loud bass music". None of the rest of you are either.
    • New tenant's naked body water is leaking on us again. Be advised. Use a bucket to collect the water. Do what you want with it. Freak.
  • Bigass Laser!
    • It's going to happen. <insert dramatic chipmunk noises>
    • We have access to 6ft doorways in to our space which we didn't know about previously. This is good for other big tools too! We just need to coordinate with our next door neighbours.
  • CNC update
    • Frame is as straight as it's going to get. Painted and it looks nice! Very close to mouting rails and motors.
    • There is about $1000 worth of stuff left to buy. Anyone who wants to contribute is very welcome. Talk to Coy, Jon, or Ryan if you want to.
  • New Popup Cincy Event - Concept Camp
    • Show up on the day of, help make cool things. Good opportunity to network with like minded creatives in the area.
    • Going to happen in March. Date forthcoming. Networking event at the end of it all.
    • Hive projects will be allowed to be presented, need to be approved. Talk to Katie or Jim S.
  • Tool Borrowing
    • Don't do it. Ever. But? No. Don't do it.