July 1, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space stuff?
  • CAC makerspace night is THIS THURSDAY!
  • Lasering class

New Business

  • Laser tube
  • Order valves for RFID kegerator?
  • elections


  • Ian
  • Jim--treasurer--laser cutting tonight, lasering calls
  • Bill--printers--talking about 3D printers next week
  • Franklin
  • Dustin
  • Nancy
  • savanah--art stuff for school
  • Brad--loaded computers with windows 7 and artemis, and making a tail
  • Jeffrey
  • Justin--1st time here.
  • Ben--3rd time here, official member! linux certification
  • Shadoxx-tetris master
  • Hodapp--his fault shadoxx is playing tetris
  • Liz--cleaned, fixed stuff
  • Dave--gara
  • Mike
  • Jim--gigabot heating pad!
  • Ryan--putting together exhibitis for CAC
  • Jon--working on CAC stuff
  • Coy
  • Starbuck--glowing stick--talk to me if you know circuit design
  • Franklin--back from vacation, kickstarter thing arrived! strawbies.


  • Roof is not on fire
    • lots of breakers braking
    • we are getting rid of component drawers.
    • electric room door key
  • conteporary arts center! Jon
    • Laser cut spherers, with LEDs inside it
    • LEd soldering staition
    • arduino work station.
    • we have enough volunteers
    • THursday, 6PM, contemporary arts center.
    • not too much to set up...
    • laser cut sphere things passed around
    • there will be another one July 23rd for 3D printing/prototyping.
  • Laser Tube--need more testing.
    • it was misaligned.
    • Cut thru stuff fine
  • Elections!
    • ELections are end of July
    • need to nominate yourself
    • YOu must be a member for 3 months.
    • we can also change the bylaws
    • Last July meeting of the month!
    • we need quorum.
  • Jim--there will be a post going up about July 2nd TUesdy speaker
    • BIll Steele--3D printing past, present,and Future!
  • Jim--Shapeoko!
    • we have received the unit.
    • build nights?
    • It will go in the corner
    • 1st build night wednesday next week?
    • clean up the area this satruday--please help!!
    • There will be an affiliated woodowrking project to make a base for the unit.
    • "2 build sessions"
    • question?
      • What is the Shapeoko?
        • Light-duty CNC
    • Ian donated a computuer.
  • Power Tool Drag Race!
    • eventbrite has been registerd
    • we also need volunteer crew for Detroit Maker Faire weekend.
    • will try to sell t-shirts.
    • makerworks folks in ann harbor have invited us for a visit.
  • Polar3D is donating 4x polar 3D machines as drag racing prizes.
  • Jon--we will FINALLY be selling the large-format printer. $1500.
  • Ian has a multi-function xerox copy scanner..do we need it?
  • Cincinnati Maker Faire
    • 3rd booth for the hive!!