July 11, 2017

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • CTO Update
    • Is it time for the "mock vote" to test the system?
  • The Annex
  • Woodworking warden
  • Makerfaire season
  • TIG Welder vote
  • Annual meeting is coming July 25th - see email on list
    • Current nominations:
      • President - Brad
      • Secretary - Lorin
      • COO - Greg
      • CTO - None
      • Treasurer - Jim
      • Board of directors - Lorin, Brad, Jim
    • Time to propose changes to bylaws or addenda - Lorin is heading that up
      • Will be a point of discussion at board meeting tomorrow
    • Have until 7/18/17 to submit nominations and other proposals to be voted on in the annual meeting
  • New vacuum-former
    • Certification-only until further notice
    • Still needs the shitload of power to be run to be usable
    • Might get re-wired to 240V, as there's no place in the Hive to get 25A of 120V

New Business

  • Upcoming events:
    • Arduino class?
    • Saturday Cleanup July 15th
      • Both tidying and filth removal
    • Annual meeting - July 25th
  • Hive13 Fence Painting (glass block display)
    • Practice soldering, and helping a cool project move forward
  • Remember to renew your wood slot or ask for a space
  • Recurring Item - This Week in Wiki
  • Make sure to clean up tables
  • Slight purgatory procedure tweaks
  • Member Tool lending (renting equipment or buying a tool to use once is stupid) - a physical list of tools we're willing to lend to hive friends for projects (ie. pressure washer, lawn mower, cement mixer, etc)
    • How about we do this on a sheet of paper / bulletin board at Hive13, Lorin does not want to list his tools on the wiki. Lorin can curate. His pressure washer is bad-ass, need to borrow it?


  • Lawyer vote
    • tl;dr -- We're passionate about, and awesome at making things, not writing legal documents and interpreting statutes. We've outgrown our current by-laws, but to ensure that we have a thorough, fair, and legal re-write, we need to retain a non-profit lawyer.
    • Vote is to set aside $2000 to be spent on legal expenses, fees, etc to make Hive13's by-laws, financials, and legal matters more awesome.
      • 11 Yes votes online as of 7/11/17 17:22

Minutes - 2017-07-11

CTO Update

    • Ian is still working on the voting system. Should be ready to test next week.

Old business

  • The Annex - No word from garden street. leaks abound. including a new one in the bathroom.
  • Woodworking Warden - Greg has yet to make a choice.
  • Makerfaire season.
    • Signup on the spreadsheet. Faire is in September.
    • Ian created new learn to solder signs.
    • TIG Welder Vote
      • Sean has a longevity welder that may be worth looking at.
    • Will has been looking at our plasma cutter. We might need to purchase a new plasma cutter.
    • Elections soon. We're looking for more nominees.
      • pres brad
      • secretary lorin
      • treasurer jim
      • coo greg
      • board jim, brad. nooguy?
      • james asked about board eligibility
    • james - woodworking warden position is still open.
    • Arduino class to be Jan 22.
    • saturday cleanup on the 15th

New business

  • glass block display soldering is underway.
  • Speak with Greg to renew your vertical space in the woodworking area
  • The week in wiki
    • Greg documented the RFID system
    • Ian updated the purgatory page
    • Purgatory Tweaks
      • Be sure and put your date and time on claimed items
    • Help Ryan bag power supplies.
    • Lorin is interested in creating an informal Member Tool Lending List


  • Lawyer Vote $2000 for legal expenses.
    • Total Local Votes Count - 9
    • A - 2
    • N - 1
    • Y - 6
    • 11 yes online votes.

frisbee round

  • Ryan - Bagging cables. Glass Block display. Catching up on some paperwork. (apps)
  • Lorin - Rocking out on home improvement stuff.
  • Elly - Made some unique cupcakes. baked at 250 to avoid caramelization. will be laser cutting tonight.
  • Brad - Trammed the big CNC in preparation for the spoilboard. Working on a safety cover for the electronics.
  • Dave - Working on his car. Shuttling granddaughter to work.
  • Greg - worked on the RFID reader. fixed a wifi disconnect issue. Moved into a new apartment.
  • John S - Ran a CNC class last week.
  • Kerensa - finished painting a mural. working on 3d modeling
  • Will - Organized some sewing stuff in the lounge, reducing the risk of death. Working aorund the house.
  • Nancy - Dishwasher certification class on Wednesday.
  • Chris - revisting founder. webdev by trade. interested in 3d printing. wears sunglasses indoors.
  • Sean - Industrial automaton. He's been working with an industrial sewing machine, and cleaning the house
  • Amy - Sean's fiance. from canada. programmer and web designer. learning motorcycle machanics.
  • Carl - former founding member. Visiting to judge our progress.
  • Spencer - software consultant. likes plaing with arduino. new visitor.
  • Shawn - electronics security. into computers/arduinos. working on a mesh arduino network for dary cows.
  • Russel - replaced furnace ductwork. designed some plaques for the cnc router. volunteered to be woodworking warden
  • Ian b - work. banners. moving soon.
  • James H - changed the spark plugs in his hybrid. building model railroads. 3d delta printers.
  • Brent - climbed into his attic to splice Ethernet. working on GIMP polar transforms.