July 14, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Organizational Meeting

The first half of this meeting will be the Organizational Meeting. This entails officially adopting the bylaws and electing the officers among other things.

Regular Meeting

  1. "official" attendance-by-proxy process
  2. Insurance Report (Dave, Jason, Chris)
  3. Paperwork
    1. Membeship application form signing
    2. Liability Waiver signing extravaganza
  4. Party Report?
    1. Date & Times
    2. Legality of Alcohol at Events
  5. Project Reports
    1. craig report on MAME status
    2. xio2 inventory program
    3. DBan (sp?) computer
    4. Website status update
      1. Hardware
      2. Location
      3. Software
      4. Colo Box (vote)
    5. Screenprint date? What do we need to do first?
    6. Sticker Status?
  6. Website Status Update
  7. Propaganda
    1. foxydot workin the networks?
    2. merch status
  8. Space Report
    1. fridge
    2. couches, etc
    3. date & time to work on soundproofing
    4. idea from fuzz: dedicated coworking space?
    5. phone numbers on the door?
  9. Meetings on Other Weeknights
    1. Theme nights, classes, etc.
  10. Freegeek status report (Dave)



  • pvince
  • craig
  • starbuck
  • vendy
  • karl wilbur
  • playertwo
  • hodapp
  • deckmaster
  • davemenninger
  • nathaniel


  • craig is voting on behalf of: jason, zapgun, kibitz, mike linville, int0x80
  • chris is voting on behalf of: xaphan (neither chris nor xaphan showed)


  • karen
  • foxydot
  • larry (speedspan)


Vote for CTO

  • Vendy vs. Starbuck
  • 11 to 4 in favor of Vendy

Other Votes

  • jason pres
  • dave secretary
  • craig tres
  • coo kibitz


  • please sign it before you leave tonight

the party

  • it is not clear what is happening at the party
  • ecoons, starbuck has kegs o beer
    • they will arrange to have it be cold in big garbage cans w/ ice
  • erik will be back this weekend
  • big party will be aug 29th


  • we need a truck on demand
  • nate and playertwo are semi-on-demand
  • playertwo is probably picking up the pop-machine early next week
  • same goes for fridge

phone list

  • how can we get ahold of eachother when we need
  • most people are comfortable with sharing their phone numbers with the club but not the public internet
  • post some numbers on the door

door locks

  • grant has a quote
  • they will discuss it on friday and get back to us.

the space

  • starbuck has a big ass AC unit that he would like to install


  • it is this weekend
  • saturday at 10am: craig, starbuck
  • saturday at 1pm: pvince, chris anderson?, karl?, foxydot?
  • sunday at 11am: hodapp, starbuck, vendy, dave, pvince, nathaniel


  • box to give to larry is on it's way, vendy will have one soon
  • vendy wants help to set up and config wordpress


  • starbuck is gonna get some shirts ~20 from this dude he knows
  • starbuck has the art under control

internet at the space

  • we want to do it, but do it cheap
  • start looking into pricing for cable, dsl

other meeting nights

  • talk about this on the mailinglist, wiki


  • dave: mailing exists, go check it out


  • vendy: we should maybe sign up as ourselves
  • we will need a yahoo account
    • this will be good since it will give us a flickr account
      • dave: i have a flickr pro code i can gift to our account

Next Actions

  • if you weren't here you need to sign a membership form and liability waiver
    • dave will make these available, turn them in to dave
  • we need to get this party planning on for real
    • both the july one and the august one
  • fridges, if you find one, call someone with a truck (nate, playertwo), get it here
  • phone list
    • door list: dave will post his GV number on the door
    • someone (craig?) will make a private members only phone list
  • craig is in touch with grant/doug about door locks
  • soundproofing is this weekend! everyone come!
  • vendy obtaining a box and will get it to speedspan
  • vendy will do up a WP install
  • starbuck will get some shirts made
  • someone research getting internet in the space
  • vendy will sign up for freecycle
  • starbuck will rock our flickr account