July 14, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Election next week!
  • Makerfaire
  • Laser update
  • Open house (september or october)
  • Fablab redesign
  • CNC Electronics Replacement vote: $700
  • Detroit makerfaire

New Business

  • Welding class
  • Kirks' welder
  • Shae Erisson Haskell talk
  • Food at annual meeting
  • Gregg Dennison
  • New Members


  • Greg - makes 3D printed hands for kids who are disabled, non-profit organization (enable), brought examples, REALLY COOL
  • Peter - Ordered the wrong parts, boo
  • Michael - Looking at joining
  • Mike - Periodic table of spices on the wall!
  • Ivan - Working alot, trying to come back soon
  • Jim S - working on power series
  • Dave L - electronics projects
  • Nancy - pretty storage box
  • Dark Ian - Working, tweaking web server
  • Brad - potential member, rebuilt vacuum, donating stuff, get mill online
  • Franklin - power is out, power tool drag racer
  • Dan (will) - CAC projects, built first synthesizer, made beer
  • Daniel - working on grant proposal, making a prop on comission
  • Kirk - Working on changing weld shop
  • Andrew - Cleaning house, power outage as well
  • Kevin - Worked on power series, SO MUCH!! power tool drag racing as well
  • James - Working on the 3d printer
  • Ryan - Mount for bed sensor for the gigabot
  • Bill - Rubisolver colour sensor
  • Jullien - pcb UV curing lamps
  • Dustin - Saturday cleanup
  • Brent - Working on CAC exhibit stuff
  • Hodapp - Foundry
  • Gabe - Worked on portus server
  • Elly - beer holders, strandbeest proof of concept
  • Jon - working on CNC, working on wooden safe with Coy, logistics for laser cutter
  • Will - Making boxes on laser cutter, power series


  • Elections in two weeks
    • President - Ryan Hershey
    • Treasurer - Jim Dallam
    • CTO - Ian Blais
    • COO - Jon Neal and Daniel McNamera
    • Secretary - No one
    • Board of Directors - Daniel McNamara, Ryan Hershey, Jim Dallam, Lorin Parker, Dave Lear, Elly Hall, Dave Blundell, Ian Wilson
    • No more nominations
  • Makerfair
    • Are we in it? no confirmation, but proceeding as usual
    • Need cool projects (HANDS ON)
    • Need people to volunteer
  • Laser update
    • It is in Chicago!!
    • Probably within a week or so
    • Need help moving it in
  • Open House
    • Elly helping head it
    • In September or October
    • Extra Saturday cleanups
  • FAB LAB redisign
    • After meeting going to meet to discuss plans
  • Detroit Makerfair
    • Powerseries - need volunteers that are non-drivers
    • Need at least two other drivers (light people)
    • Need to make a shell for the racer, could use ideas
    • Talk to Shealy
    • Power tool drag racing might be full from volunteers
  • CNC electronics vote
    • 22 voting members
    • Vote passes unanimously

New business

  • Welding class
    • Sign up, only 6 spots
    • 9:45am-1pm* Kirk's welder
    • Do not touch (if it appears again)
  • Shae Erisson giving Haskell talk
    • Saturday also, 2pm probably
    • From Alabama hackerspace
    • Touring country to improve own hackerspace
  • Vote next week for Hive sponsored grant for projects
    • Daniel working out details
    • LVL1 has experience with this
    • Similar to "artist in residence"
  • T-shirt re-order
    • For makerfair and open house
    • To sell for a profit
    • Maybe different ones in house later
  • Power series
    • IT LIVES!!! (check out video)
    • Going to Detroit
    • Already taken a lot of extra money on the team's part, in surplus of the Hive's cost ($750)
    • Looking for another $250 or $300 from Hive, to get to a reliable and safe state
    • Tires and seat belts, chains and gears, body
    • Can take it to other makerfairs as the Hive's example
    • Hive is asking for documentation (which was asked for originally)
    • Need to reimburse Ryan for parts
  • Will is having a FAB LAB redesign session Wednesday
  • Please stop messing with air conditioners (don't turn them off, or turn them off of auto)
  • Noise curfew
    • Please respect our neighbors
    • No loud noises after midnight, or before 8am
    • Ryan is checking on compressor noise
    • Post signs just in case