July 16, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

New Business

  • Welder: Classes will be soon. Dirty room needs to be prepared.
    • Idea: Putting a 220 outlet in electrical room, along with materials to pigtail the outlet outside if there's a need or want to do welding outside on the dock area.
    • Idea: Putting two 4x8' metal sheets on the floor.
    • We need to take stock of the Fire Extinguishers that are in the hive so that we have a fire extinguisher near the welder just in case we run into issue.
  • Motion to spend $200 for safety equipment for the hive. Research will be discussed on the week and posted to the mailing list. 16 Voted Yes (unorthodox vote)
  • Reminder: Every third saturday of the month is Hive cleanup.
  • Circuit bending workshops
    • Circuit bending will be at Maker Faire
    • 3rd Wednesdays of the month will be circuit bending nights (DERPA Workshop!)
    • Will offer kits.
  • Dave is looking into moving his Time Warner Business to the Hive's address.
  • Nominations next week for elected positions.
  • Hive13 Full members can enroll for an RFID badge.
  • Old welder is decommissioned. Motion to sell the welder and give any of the proceeds to the Safety fund for the welder
  • Old HP Printer needs to be decommissioned as well.
  • Detroit Maker Faire is 27th of July. Some of the hive will go.
  • Louisville Maker Faire is in September.


  • Ian (Pretending to be secretary) - RFID enabled Vending Machine
  • Brent -
  • Ryan - Google+'ing Hive13 meetings.
  • Ryan 2.0 - Teaching a welding class as soon as wet room is cleaned up.
  • Nancy
  • Ryan 3.0
  • Jason - Tested out new welder with Ryan 2.0
  • Jason 2.0 -
  • Cindy (Nebulagirl) - Got mame roms to work on Nintendo DS.
  • Chris (Hodapp) - Put up pictures at the Brew House.
  • Mike
  • Dave - Brewed beer on Saturday
  • Jim 2.0 - Working on Futon Frame
  • Jim 3.0 - Built Virtual Rockets in Game
  • Tiffany - Brewed beer on Saturday
  • Dave B. - Bought a SAN
  • Coy - Constructed a few more Cornhole Sets
  • Bill - Bought a soda with the RFID card. Makerbot is somewhat working..
  • Ty - Playing with django.
  • Jim - Looking for new makers to attend maker faire.
  • Dave M. (Attended via google+ hangout)

Attending Members: 21 + A few late arrivals