July 19, 2016

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Previous Meeting: July 12, 2016 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: July 26, 2016


Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Leave work surfaces clear!
  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waiver legibility.
  • Swear at the wardens.
  • Have you checked the wishlist?
  • Shutdown Procedure - Go win the door prize.

Old business

  • Shell Server - One week notice.
  • Lathe Update
  • Library Events
  • PTDR in Detroit in July
  • Coy's wood
  • PTDR
  • Belt Sander - Ry proposes a vote to buy a sander, not to exceed $200.
  • Elections coming. Annual meeting will be July 26.
  • Candidates
    • President - Elly Hall
    • Treasurer - Jim Dallam
    • CTO - Ian Blais
    • COO - Dustin Bruce, Greg Arnold
    • Secretary - Daniel McNamara, Ryan Hershey
    • Board - Tiffany Horwath, Brad Walsh, Dustin Bruce, Daniel McNamara, Dave Blundell, Lorin Parker, Kevin Schuller, Jim Dallam


Old Business

  • Housekeeping
    • Dude upstairs can't hear the vent fan, so feel free to run it overnight.
  • Shell Server one week notice
  • Lathe - DRO was calibrated
  • Library Events
    • Westwood Event on July 13th went well.
    • Loveland Event had only 2 people and it got crazy.
    • Forest Park one was cancelled the day of.
    • Next and final event Tuesday the 26th.
  • PTDR
    • Event in Detroit at the end of the month.
    • Spent Saturday getting track together and working.
    • Must accept that Harbor Freight equipment is pretty much a consumable.
    • Will get video to Lorin somehow
  • Wood all over the Hive belonging to Coy
    • Shit all over the back work bench - Coy says it will be cleaned up
    • Wood taking up all the shared space
    • Rehashing the same old shit :-(
  • Belt Sander
    • Comments to mailing list, vote during yearly meeting
  • Elections - see list above
  • Laser skipped

New Business

  • Lorin posted a link to Robert's Rules, if you're interested, follow it.
    • Form a committee to improve our bylaws.


  • Ryan - PTDR, will be welding tomorrow for signs
  • Gabe - set up CloudStack server up until found out processor didn't support VX, finished up light project
  • Greg - cleaned out the AC filters, RingCentral VoIP fuckery
  • Franklin - PTDR, needs to fix car, Amazon Dash buttons.
  • Steve - recurring nobody, wants to interface an Arduino to the arm so it can play chess
  • Tiff - at conference in Atlanta, working on son's cottage playhouse, getting there
  • John - working on a patio, heavy digging, almost finished
  • Lorin - still tired, been in NM for about two months (drove there), happy to be back
  • Brad - PTDR, dicked with the lathe, DRO works, AC in van died, tickets to Keith Urban concert
  • Jim - keeping membership level summary, gave a quick rundown of treasury, will try to get him to post it on the wiki
  • Kevin - set up file server, shout out to Steve, PTDR, updated medical kits, trying to put together a class
  • Ken - yelled at Kevin, PTDR
  • Matt - working on CNCed boxes
  • Coy - CNC stuff, cleaned up extra nails
  • Dustin - school, going to work on a nap
  • Owen - did some stuff
  • Charlie - working on mental health, feudalism project hanging in the balance
  • Kyle - here to help out other people
  • James "Doc" Willey - been coming around, PTDR, enjoyed it, working on tour wireless access point