July 21, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom

To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/kmo-jxzu-auc
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-760-6776 and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link: https://tel.meet/kmo-jxzu-auc?hs=5

Weekly Meeting Agenda



  • $10k addition to move budget (brings total budget to $25k, currently used ~$12k)
    • https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/cincihackerspace/c/KSEYn0Ma3kw
    • For High Priority (must happen now) Items:
      • Electrical Panels W and Z mains connection
      • HVAC Ductwork bill (already installed, must pay)
      • dust collection and fume extraction blowers and ducting
      • sinks (kitchen and wash sinks)
    • Does not include:
      • Air conditioning
      • Air Filtration
      • Doors on spaces
      • Kitchen

Move Planning

Floor Plan: File:2701InitialMoveInLayout.pdf

Things that are now functional:

  • LASER!
  • Sewing Area (extension cord needs to be brought over to use the machines but everything is functional)
  • Wood Shop

Things that are not functional:

  • 3D printing
  • Electronics area
  • Lots more

Moving Stuff

  • Remaining items at old space?


  • Panels W and Z mounted, need cables pulled



  • Delegate to #Superior_Signmakers It's time!
  • Make in house or use a sign making service?
  • Get vinyl cutter online
  • Hang exterior Hive13 sign at Spring Grove entrance
  • "We have moved" sign at 2929
  • Way-finding signs on 1st floor and in stairwells
  • COVID-19 sign in station
  • Hang woodworking, metalworking, etc signs?
  • Emergency information signs
  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • First Aid kit sign
  • Others?
  • What artwork, do we have. Fonts? Official colors? These questions keep coming up and we get refereed to as pretty bleak wiki page.
  • Use Google drive to share signage related files


  • Ductwork Negotiation Status?
  • Possible call for donations to get AC?

Access Control

  • Done, access instructions posted



  • set goals for the coming week(end)


Game Plan for this weekend

  • Highest priority: GET 2929 EMPTY!
  • We're so close we can taste it
  • Saturday at 10 am
  • We have Dave B's truck and Kevin is bringing Flat bed from work
  • See "2929" section notes below for more details


  • Same old; keep social distancing, keep wearing your mask, make sure you sign in/out
  • Sanitizing is kinda confusing right now with all the moving items; make sure you’re sanitizing surfaces at least, and make sure you’re washing your hands frequently. We have bleach based disinfectant. Use it.
  • Liability Waiver with new address/verbiage – we’ll get to it when we can


This stuff works at 2701!

  • LASER!
    • MVPS: Ralph & Velzy & Those that moved it
    • Was moved over carefully and made set up pretty painless
    • This is great because we know how big of a draw the laser has
    • AC unit here is a wonderful thing
    • Velzy noted: discussed modifying some of the existing wooden shelves for storage here. Want to make something to hold laser scraps, because that stuff definitely gets used, but we need to get some organization going
    • MVPS: Lisa, Jill & Kayla
    • Extension cord needed for machines, but it’s all set up and good to go
    • Lisa eager to help with any questions anyone may have re: sewing machine / serger
    • MVPS: Buncha people. Go team!
    • Hooray!
  • GLASS!
    • MVP: Kevin
    • 2/3 torches are set up; 1 big and 1 small.
    • Reminder – must be certified to do glass (because duh, fire) Kevin M can do this. Note Kevin M is also hella busy
    • Kayla looking into getting another piece of stainless to finish out the table surface via job hookup

3D Printer - We miss you

  • Should be fairly easy to get up and running – need power
    • Find an outlet friendly spot to temporarily park it (maybe near laser?)
      • Realized “Fab Lab” title doesn’t really work in new space
      • New space, new names, another time
    • It’s spitting out a project for hours – easy to set it and forget It (like a crock pot!)

Other moving notes

  • Trying to get the front area of 2701 to look a little less like a garage sale and bring our vision to fruition. We can do it!

2929 Move out progress

  • Looking like a ghost town – love it!
  • Metalworking, fab lab, and lounge are barren
  • Still stuff in main area and bathroom – one last push and we can get this done
  • Large items ; pallet racking, work table, hutch
    • Hutch: Should I stay or should I go? Who do I belong to? Nobody knows!
      • Yes. Come to 2701
  • Let’s get this empty this weekend (7/25)
    • Saturday, July 25th at 10 am
    • Kevin will bring flat bed from work
    • The member storage that is being moved over (I think it’s about 4 people’s worth of stuff? Kevin has list) Label it. Wrap it in cellophane. Please be respectful
  • We still have Blundell’s truck
    • Gassed and legal plates! Whoo!
    • He said we can keep it as a Hive13 vehicle for a while
    • Thanks Dave! Someone wanted to buy you Skyline. Camp Washington is better.
      • Can park it in 2701 parking lot, not inside
        • Unless you wanna pay $50/month
        • Is it worth it? Nahhhh
  • Should we contact Garden St to do a walkthrough to make sure we’re good to leave on good terms? Things like holes from AC units
    • Velzy is on it. Can probably do Monday (7/27)
  • Once 2929 is empty – cancel Spectrum

Spy cams

  • Now that our good goods are over at 2701 we’d like to keep an eye on them
    • Gotta start running network cables for where cameras are going to go
    • Do we have a ladder to get these out of 2929? Yes.
    • Can get cameras taken down, cables run, need to figure out routing of cables and hooks to run cables from t slots (?) in new space dealing with logistics of elevator shaft
      • Drew is on it.

2701 Kitchen

  • Should we be actively looking for things? Stuff is out there with restaurant closures from COVID
    • Would love to have someone to do our bidding w/ auctions and such
      • Didn’t assign someone to this. If you’re interested, hit up leadership
  • Hot water heater?
    • What’s there should be good since we’re not currently showering. 40(?) gal
  • If we find a good 3 basin, stainless steel sink for 2701 kitchen, let’s get on it.

2701 Electrical

  • Funds ok’d by today’s vote. Velzy will contact for getting service
  • Go forth and pull cables!
    • Thursday team (7/23) Kevin, Lisa, Brian W, Ryan? Parker? Parker’s bro?
      • These fine folks should be able to get most of what’s needed for W pulled
      • Kevin’s gonna rough out outlet wiring for Bathroom 2
        • Has to do some stuff with box remounting and working around door. He’s on it

Member Storage

  • Move over is going well!
  • Vertical Storage Space
    • MVP: Brian Wingate on making it happen.
      • Brian killing it again! Setting up admin desk! Go Brian Go!
    • All but 2 people have moved their stuff.
    • Discussion is still being had about how to handle Vertical Storage Space at 2701
      • At 2929, it was always intended to be temporary holding space for people
      • Wasn’t treated that way. Things got parked, spaces were never able to be assigned to new folks
      • Do we put a hard limit of 3 mo? 6 mo? 3 mo free and then charge?
      • Hesitant to start assigning VSS until this is figured out
  • Very little member vertical storage left at 2929. Space has been cleared in 2701 by Chris D & Brian W that can house temporary vertical storage if members have nowhere else to house their material in moving from 2929 to 2701.
    • Please note, this is temporary, and not a sophisticated system. It is just a place to hold your items if you have nowhere personal to store them during this transition


  • Grant Nair is pumped about this.
  • Schwinn + Grant working on this
  • In good hands


  • Schwinn’s view – we have 8 weeks until mid Sept when things generally are bearable
    • If we push hard, we could get it installed in May
    • Is it worth it for 5 weeks of AC for $8400?
    • COVID air circulation is also a concern
  • What about the window units?
    • Need a dedicated circuit
    • Can put one in both wood shop windows
    • Put blanket on doorways to make a cooooool space

Access Control

  • Hodapp, Velzy and Ian pulled wire to door latch and were able to make it maybe show up? It's progress!