July 22, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Elections are approaching: July 29
  • Another contemporary art center event occurring July 24rd (thurs)
  • Library night next wednesday
  • vote on metal lathe tool posts.
  • large-format printer

New Business

  • laser cutter donation


  • Mike--secretary. worked on robot
  • Tiffany--worked on car, brewed beer.
  • Elly--working on furniture
  • Jim--CFO. power tool drag race! leaving for detroit friday
  • Dave--twitterbots!
  • Dan (and John) Listermann--tried 3D printing at downtown library
  • Dave--worked on car, went to airforce museum
  • Jim--power tool drag racing, worked on fridge.
  • Tyler--open automation reading up
  • Chris--fermented, made mustard
  • Savannah--trying 3D printing, won tetris
  • Justin--trying 3D printing
  • Thomas--new to Cinci, visiting 1st time
  • Will--creates crazy nerf guns, picked up pugeot bicycle.
  • Greg--artemis starship simulator. we can try it tonight
  • Liz--makes stuff, power tool drag racer.
  • Jon--working on display box for hive crafts
  • Joseph
  • Bill--Mac 128, updated electronics for polar3d
  • Daniel--made AC for tent, and klingon swords
  • Franklin--dusting off power tool drag racer.
  • Jason--VMware and car problems
  • Ryan--worked on Shapeoko.
  • Dr. Pavil and son (Radu)--heard about us at microcenter, hoping to learn more about microcontrollers!
  • Ian (pres)--virtual attendee


  • Elections next week!
    • There is someone nominated and accepted for every position except secretary
    • this meeting is the LAST CHANCE for nominations
    • Shadoxx--accepts secretary nomination (via the internets)
  • Jim--detroit, power tool drag race! leaving friday, will run sat. and sunday.
    • setup is in the hive right now, Jim will be demoing after the meeting.
    • remaining 3 races after detroit: triple crown! cincinnati, columbus, and louisville.
  • Jon--Contemporary arts center
    • thursday night, "fab lab" theme
    • Handful of 3D printers,shapeoko, a few other arts n crafts.
    • 2hr event, 6-8 PM
    • will also have silhouette
    • more projects to show off are welcome
    • talk to Jon for volunteering
  • Vote for $200 lathe tool posts.
    • it was posted online (2 people voted by email)
    • vote passes
  • Why is the printer still here?
    • printer having issues--won't register that it has ink cartridges.
    • Hoping to sitl sell it..
  • Jim--2 or 3 years ago, made contact with someone in Delhi who does laser engraving.
    • has 2 lasers. will gift us the older laser
    • 25W (relatively low power)
    • about the same cutting size as our current laser.
    • Need someone with a pickup truck to help get it!
  • Mike--Shapeoko project?
    • Jim--liz, julian, ryan and bill have been working on it.
    • It moves! can draw with marker.