July 28, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  1. COO Report
    1. fridge
    2. utility sink
    3. shelving
    4. Door Locks
    5. Leaks
  2. Phone List / Google Voice
  3. Internet for the space (skip til next week - craig out of town)
  4. Insurance
  5. Party report
  6. Tshirts
  7. Co-lo box
  8. Donation Spreadsheet
  9. MakerBot
  10. Five Minutes of Fame
    1. Time Slots
      1. 8:00pm - Jim with homebrew CNC
      2. 8:06pm -
      3. 8:12pm -
      4. 8:18pm -
      5. 8:24pm -
      6. 8:30pm -


  • Karl
  • Hodapp
  • ChrisA
  • Chrisha
  • Jim
  • Nauseaboy
  • Jrhoffa
  • Kibitz
  • Karen
  • Dave
  • Kris
  • Catherine


The Hive

  • Kibitz just got a text from Vendy:
    • Networking help, please check on the wiki, mailing list it
      • Karl has equipment
      • Kibitz recommends do it on the second weekend of August
    • Vendy has co-lo box in hand
  • fridge:
    • it's hard to get the craigslist / freecycle ones
    • Kibitz: should we just buy one?
    • Karl: there is a used appliance store in northside; could be as cheap $100-150
    • Dave: we should get one (even if it means buying it) by the next party.
  • Kibitz: i have a gas stove i can donate. need help getting it out
  • We should a look at what our plumbing situation is if we want to hook up new stuff
  • we need to talk to criag/landlords about the lock situation
  • Kibitz: can we also ask the landlords about the windows?

Phone List / Google Voice

  • ChrisA: we have a google voice number, a gizmo account, and a 425 area code phone number :)
    • it is tricky to set up a hunt list the way we wanted
    • if we set up a SIP box in here, we can haz telephony
  • if we do a asterisk box here, we can do hunt list ourselves here


  • kibitz: limit what you do now so that you don't have to carry a huge amount of waivers and can save cost
    • if we say we are definitely not going to do, definitely are going to do

party report

  • it was sweet!
  • jrhoffa: need more semi-organized events/activities
    • like instead of just having guitar hero, do guitar hero competition, etc
  • jrhoffa: grillin
  • everyone: bacon...


  • t-shirts are in hand now as of wednesday morning. Starbuck late for meeting because his job hates him.

donation spreadsheet

  • dave slacked it's not built yet


  • dave: ordered
  • pledgie exists, please contribute!
  • Hive76 is taunting us on twitter
  • it will be on it's way sept. 3rd

presentations set up

  • we should start looking for guest speakers to come talk to us
  • Karl when is the IT Crowd -athon?
  • we can do five minutes of fame too

Next Actions

  • coordinate via mailing list what day to have networking-athon
  • shop around a little for used fridges, pick date to buy one
  • examine plumbing situation for possible future utility sink, etc; mention this to landlords
  • ask landlords about the windows - can they be opened, uncovered, etc?
  • build an asterisk box to live in the hive
  • write up list of activities we definitely will and won't do for insurance purposes
  • plan activites, etc for august party
  • get tshirts
  • build donation spreadsheet
  • contribute to makerbot pledgie campaign
  • work on getting people to come and give talks (also, do better scheduling of Five Minutes of Fame)