July 31, 2018

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.

Meeting Agenda


  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am.
  • Shelf A is up for grabs. New stuff goes on Shelf B.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.
  • Label your personal supplies & tools.
  • Try to get your stuff in your Member Storage spots in a box of some sort. Request new storage spots on https://intweb.at.hive13.org
  • At the end of the meeting, please put your chair back on the cart.
  • Reminder, we are a community. Keep the space clean. If you need to have a mess, claim it on the mailing list. Use the mailing list if you are going to do a long job or will need some equipment for a specific time.

Old Business

  • Annex
    • Ethernet needs a little more work
    • 3D Printing Area just needs to be set up.
    • Lasers are fast becoming operational.
      • Things are different. Focal length and power has changed.
      • Don't trust your old settings.
      • Lorin will kit the smaller laser out for higher resolution engraving work.
  • Lounge
    • Current cost breakdown - approximately $615 spent
      • $10 for pipe fittings
      • $5 to fix the joists
      • $75 for electrical and Ethernet supplies
      • $160 for drywall, primer, and paint
      • $350 for ceiling tiles and grid
    • Ceiling is done.
    • Flooring will be started in a few weeks.
    • Will is figuring out the layout - there's a thread on the Mailing List.

New Business

  • New Wood Shop Warden: Kevin McL.

This Week in Wiki

Upcoming events

  • First Board Meeting of the 2018 Election Year is Aug. 13th.
  • Maker Faire September 15 and 16.
    • We are signed up for a table, probably Learn to Solder


  • None



  • Noise Curfew
  • Shelf A is up for grabs, including a giant oscilloscope.
  • As per usual

Old Business

  • Annex
    • Lasers are operational but not calibrated. Lorin and Brett intend to do this tomorrow. (Wed, 2018-08-01)
      • Flow sensors have been added to disable the lasers if coolant stops circulating.
      • Power settings will be different, so get checked out on the laser again before using.
    • Lounge
      • Ceiling is complete.
      • We will have a slight delay on the floor.
      • Will has started discussion on the mailing list regarding lounge layout
      • We have spent $610 total on pipe fittings, paint, celing tiles, electrical.
  • Kevin M will serve as the new wood shop warden.

New Business

  • Please don't put dirty dishes in a dishwasher full of clean dishes. This is silly.

Upcoming Events

  • Board Meeting - Aug 13.
  • Warden Meeting - Aug 8.
  • Makerfaire Sept 15,16.
  • Cincy Locksport - Next Monday.


  • No votes this week.

RoundTuit Round

  • Kevin M - Working on a planter that is better than hive quality. Got the steel for his metal brake.
  • Will B - Caught 5 raccoons this week. Built rev1 of a table for the house. Has an idea for a Hive class.
  • Dave V - Finished reassembling the laser cutters. Taking a trip this weekend.
  • Chris H - Replacing the LCD in a macbook
  • Ryan H - Working on MicroPython. Enjoying playing moviepass roulette.
  • Jim D - Living life.
  • Greg A - Working on a railroad light jim donated.
  • Kevin S - Picked up some extra cutters for the lathe. Next knee surgery is Aug 30.
  • Brad W - New president. Same as the old president. Discovered his telescope isn't powerfull enough to se a difference in
  • Jason - Visiting.
  • Jeremy Y - Left two bags of door hardware on purgatory.
  • Franklin G - Also enjoying moviepass's demise.
  • Nancy G - Went to mid Ohio races.