July 5, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Leave work surfaces clear!
  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waiver legibility.
  • Swear at the wardens.
  • Have you checked the wishlist?
  • Shutdown Procedure - Go win the door prize.

Old business

  • Flammables Cabinet
  • Shell Server
  • Lathe Update
  • Laser update - The laser needs to get some head.
  • Library Events
  • Elections coming. Annual meeting will be July 26.
  • PTDR in Detroit in July


Old Business

  • Flammables cabinet
    • Tiffany found one and bought it!
    • She needs to get reimbursed
    • It is huge!
  • Shell server
    • Check the mailing list
  • Lathe update
    • It is now in place and running!
    • We need to start figuring out certification among other things.
    • Interested in helping? Check the wiki page for it and talk to Jon and Brad
  • Laser update
    • Nothing new there
    • We want to replace the head since we keep having issues with it
  • Library events
    • One this Saturday @ 2pm at the Sharonville library
    • Three is a bare minimum, but a few extra volunteers would be nice
  • Elections are coming
    • People running for all officer positions except secretary. Only two people running for board positions.
  • PTDR in detroit in a few weeks

New Business

  • Elly wants to know who dropped her storage box
    • Person apologized
    • If anything
  • Why is there so much plywood taking up so much space?
    • It is all Coy's, he brought it down without asking, and there is no timeline from when it will be gone.
    • We should ask him to remove it since it has been down here for such a long time and is taking up a significant amount of space.
    • We decided to ask him to remove it within 30 days after asking him and after 60 days asking him we will remove it.
    • Ryan will talk to him.


  • Ryan - something
  • Dustin - school stuff
  • Greg - Electrical stuff, fixed the lathe, going to finish electrical work soon
  • John - buncha projects he is working on, still getting the grasp of 3d modelling
  • Gabe - Went to Chicago to hang with friends and shoot off fireworks, took something from the purgatory shelf and made it better!
  • Hodapp - he is a member.
  • Brad - Hoping he has more time to show up again
  • Ken - not a whole lot, staying healthy. Kevin is slowly getting healthier
  • Brad - Spent some time getting the lathe up and running
  • Tim - Hasn't been around for a while, getting used to his new job.
  • Owen - First time around, found us through aimless googling. Wants to try out woodworking and electronic.
  • Mike - Doesn't really remember, went to the northside parade.
  • Anthony - Went canoeing, tipped it over!
  • Elly - Went to three different 4th of july celebrations
  • Jon - Did some wiring, helped fix the lathe
  • Franklin - Fireworks!
  • James - Hasn't done anything in the last year! He's back! Working on the flight control system for a jet powered drone.
  • Tiffany - Hung shelves for organizing yarn, worked on building a playhouse for her kid, bought a fire cabinet!
  • Matt - Got his canoe tipped over by Anthony
  • Dave L - Helped with the lathe, 4th of July
  • Rich - Building an ISS model